Director: Phil Donlon

Cast (In order of appearance) :

Wesley Chu ...Dead Body

Alex Goode ... Kyle Mulligan
Phil Donlon ... Adam Mulligan
Doug Jones ... Homeless man
Jenn Pae ... Jenny
Hyowon K. Yoo ... Jenny's Mom
David Chae ...Funeral Pastor





In 1994, 14-year-old Adam Mulligan helped Kyle, his best friend and older brother, secretly bury a Korean youth. The gruesome memory haunts Adam, and now the 24-year-old artist lives in a private hell, disconnected from life. After a series of serendipitous events, a mysterious homeless man on a pier leads Adam to Jenny, the beautiful sister of the youth he helped bury.

Intrigued by her, Adam befriends Jenny and enters into an emotional chess match with her to determine the consequences his ugly deed has had on Jenny and her family. At the same time, Jenny intuitively believes that Adam knows more than he's letting on, and she delicately tries to find out Adam's dark secret. Adam is soon faced with the dilemma of having to decide between love and redemption.

A Series of Small Things was born out of the painful experience of Producer Sun Kim's wife, whose 8-year-old brother was killed in a hit-and-run accident in Brazil. As in most traditional Korean families, this eldest son was more than just a beloved family member, he was being groomed to become a doctor and proudly carry on the family name. When he died, his parents emotionally shut down, and in a way, they died as well.

" When I met my wife," Sun says, "she was still dealing with her family's tragedy. And in many ways, she's still struggling to fill her brother's shoes - but she feels like she's chasing a ghost."

As Sun watched his wife's parents wrestle with their guilt and pain, and his wife drive herself to succeed in her brother's place, Sun wrote this story about Adam Mulligan, hoping that the story could somehow be a source of renewed hope in their lives.


A couple of months before the production, my good friend Phil Donlon told me he would be directing a short film and would like to have me play the Homeless Man. I almost committed right then and there because I would jump in front of a train if Phil asked me to. But after reading Sun Kim's evocative story, beautifully scripted by Larry Wilson, and really connecting with the Homeless Man character myself, I fell madly in love with this project. I met with Phil again before flying to the shoot in Chicago to discuss my character further. Phil Donlon is a director with such artistically detailed vision. I trusted that vision for the film and for my character from the start.

Once I arrived in Chicago, the real fun began. All us out-of-towners piled into Producer Steve Ordower's house for a week long slumber party with some filming involved. It was a very efficient production set up with each of the three producers having a specific expertise to bring to the film - Phil as director/lead actor, Steve as sound designer, and Jim Andre as director of photography. All of them are very good at what they do.

Phil Donlon had such a task ahead of him directing and acting in the lead role, but I watched with amazement as he tirelessly devoted himself 100 percent to both. Working with him as an actor and a director were both equal delights. Even though I had no scenes with her, our lead actress, Jennifer Pae, also brought such a face of understanding light to the production.

As with any film shoot, we did endure some long days and some cold, windy weather on the pier, but when working on a story with such brutal reality, inner turmoil, and a voice of reason that leads one home to the redemption through Jesus Christ, it was easy to forget any physical discomfort along the way. On the plane ride home, I remember feeling satisfied that we had captured an important and well crafted story on film.

Doug Jones

Los Angeles, 2004


Behind the Scenes on A SERIES OF SMALL THINGS

The premiere of A SERIES OF SMALL THINGS, October 24th, 2004


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