'A Series of Small Things' premiere


October 24th , 2004

The Charlie Chaplin Theatre, Raleigh Studios, Hollywood


Sharon Bridge at the entrance to the Charlie Chaplin Theatre, Los Angeles, roving reporter for The Doug Jones Experience!

What follows are the thoughts and memories of Sharon Bridge, wife, mother, Sacramento rancher, member of the world-famous Official Hellboy Movie Forum The Hellsite, Dougie-fan and - for this one magical night - roving reporter for The Doug Jones Experience.

We're sure you'll enjoy Sharon's recollections.


The evening started out with a feeling of awkwardness, which did not mix well with all the butterflies in my stomach. It was a good thing we ate beforehand since I was not able to eat while there. I would have liked to be able to sample the wonderfully catered fare, but it would have quickly turned on me in revenge for sending it into such a turbulent tummy. I have NEVER been to a film premiere, independent or otherwise, and it gave me a feeling of crashing a high-class party. I was comforted by the fact that my friend and co-worker, Teresa, had agreed to accompany me. Bless her heart. Hellboy was the extent of her “Doug knowledge” and I am sure there were times she felt more out of place than I.

Teresa and Sharon

Teresa and Sharon

The premier’s first show started a little after 6pm in the Charlie Chaplin Theatre at Raleigh Studios. Most were in attendance of the first show, including Doug and his wife Laurie, who arrived just before the screening and settled in the first row at the opposite end from where we sat two rows back.

The Q & A session after the screening of 'A Series of Small Things'

The Q & A after the screening (Left to right) - Alex Goode (actor), Larry Wilson (scriptwriter), Doug Jones (actor), Phil Donlon (actor/director/producer), Jennifer Pae (actor) and Steve Ordower (producer/editor)


The film… A SERIES OF SMALL THINGS was both visually and audibly arresting. I am NOT a film critic. In fact my husband takes great pleasure in declaring that I have “cinema dyslexia”. So in my most humble opinion I would like to say that I was amazed at the film's ability to give such depth to each character despite the time constraints required for such films. To me it was like a single bite of a shamefully delicious triple chocolate cake. I feel fortunate to at least be able to have a taste, but give me more! It had been stated that the movie is about redemption. It is a heartrending but not depressing or morbid film.

Doug and Phil Donlon, director and actor

Doug and Phil Donlon


It prompts discussion, as it did at the dinner table at the Pacific Dining Car (1310 West 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA). It was a treat to be invited to a late dinner (10pm-ish) with Doug, his wife Laurie and close friend and neighbor Dave Thompson. Among the other diners were Phil Donlon and his wife Debbie and brother-in-law Robin, Steve Ordower and wife Christina, Wes Tabayoyong, Charles Plath and Alex Lee (2nd Assistant Director).

Doug and Charles Plath, Publicist for 'A Series of Small Things'

Doug with Charles Plath, publicist


Phil is so (I know it sounds clichéd) passionate about this film. It was wonderful to hear him speak of it as if he himself were in awe at its outcome. It was enormously amusing to sit back and enjoy the repartee between all these talented people. Doug (whom I was lucky enough to sit next to) and I shared a couple of private jokes - I remember something about a Cyclops and pirate that had me laughing to the point of tears.

Doug describes his portrayal of the intuitive homeless guy as “creepy/angelic” and he received many complements from his fellow cast and crew, which he accepts graciously. As you know he is leaving for Prague to start filming DOOM and as I understand it THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI will be completed in February 2005. I spoke with Barbara Hintz, the assistant editor for CALIGARI; she informed me that there was a likelyhood that there will be a premiere for THE CABINET OF DR.CALIGARI in Sacramento at the Crest Theatre. I think I will become quite the pest and attempt finagling a couple of seats to that film if, in fact, it premieres in SacTown.

I digress, though, so let me get back to premiere night. If you like you can go on a virtual tour of Raleigh Studios and pay particular attention to the studio café pics. The shindig was not only beautifully catered in this café, which sits just outside of the screening room, but there was a live band as well.

Doug with his lovely wife Laurie

Laurie and Doug

As Doug did his best to speak to as many people as he could Teresa and I sat and chatted with Laurie and Dave. Laurie seemed very content to stand back and watch her husband “work the crowd” and give “lotsa love”. We spoke of her career as a buyer and display designer for an exclusive retail store specializing in home décor. She also told me a cute story about she and Doug in college; Doug was the school mascot, Charlie the Cardinal. While they were dating she was given a T-shirt that said “Charlie’s Chick”. She is such a joy to talk to and very witty.

I did a little “Doug” research prior to the premiere (watched Doug movies, perused The Doug Jones Experience) which led to a little ribbing. A joke now stands that if Laurie wants to know what is going on with Doug she will be calling me. Need a personal secretary, Doug? I’ll send you my resume.

I would also like to say a few words about Dave. Dave was so sweet, he spent a good 20 minutes trying to locate a pen (the one thing I forgot to bring- duh) just to write down my address and Teresa’s so Doug could send autographed photos to our kids. We talked about his career (hey Dave - I should have got a card), about his kids (2) the oldest is Doug’s godson and about Mule Days in Bishop, CA.

There was discussion of where to go to get a bite to eat and Teresa and I were invited along. I was embarrassed to inform the group that we wanted nothing more than to join them but we were without transportation. Not a problem, Doug said. I was afraid of being a burden and sweet Laurie told me not to worry. She, Teresa and I piled into the back seat of their car and with Doug at the wheel and Dave navigating we were off to down town Los Angeles. Doug, being so expressive physically, was quite the driver. It did not help much that I kept throwing questions at him and kept him talking the entire time he was driving.

A wild ride, one close call and we were at the restaurant.

We all sat down, Laurie sat across from Doug and left the seat next to him for me. Bless you Laurie. Needless to say I was still too excited to eat and ordered just soup and a glass of wine (which really helped calm the nerves). There was a lot of conversation going on and forgive me for not bringing a recorder, but I will share a few tidbits. Other dialogue should be available on the SOST website.

Doug, Sharon and Teresa at dinner


At the request of Shadowcat I asked about the Abe make-up; It took 3 hours to remove and occasionally he would wear some “Fish-Bits” back to his hotel. Wearing the “Fish-bits” would cut down on the amount of time it took to put the make-up back on and filming could resume more quickly. As for how it wore in the water, he stated that he was really amazed at the resiliency of the make-up. It not only stayed on in water but it remained sound after he pulled himself, wet, across the set floor (after being attacked by Sammy).

Doug also told me that the dialog in the scene in STALLED where “Len” walked into the restroom after it had been destroyed he wrote himself. I found this to be very enlightening since it was my favorite scene in the movie. It was the scene where I really felt the character of Len went from one-dimensional stereotypical hillbilly to two-dimensional compassionate guy in 10-times-too-big overalls.

Overall both the film and dinner made for a most memorable evening. If I have any other recollections I will be sure to pass them on.

Sharon Bridge

October, 2004



Our sincere thanks must go to Charles Plath and Sharon Bridge for their photographs - all of the images on this page belong to them.

Doug and producer Sun Kim

Doug and Sun Kim, producer


Doug with his list of 'Fan Sapiens - Doug Jones fans from the world-famous Hellsite, public message board for Hellboy, the Movie
Doug does love his fans!

Mister J sends greetings to his Fan Sapiens on the Hellsite ... awwww ...



Two ladies out on the razzle in down town Los Angeles ... looking every inch the Stars they are



Sharon, Doug and teresa at the premiere of 'A Series of Small Things'

Sharon, Doug and Teresa

A Post Scriptum ...

Ya know, Doug, Phil, Laurie and the whole crew down in Hollywood made me feel like I was the celebrity. I walked up to Doug before the Q&A - he was sitting in the front row of the theater - I tapped him on the knee and said "Doug?" He turned, took one look at me and said excitedly "Sharon?" I said "yes" and he stood up and was, I think, more excited to see me then I was to see him. He hugged me and introduced me to Laurie.

What was most amusing is that when he intoduced me to Phil, Phil complemented me on my dress saying that he had read on the message board that I was having trouble finding the right outfit and that he was glad I got it all worked out.

Sun Kim also made a point to introduce himself to me just as he was leaving, and thanked me for coming down.

It was such a awesome night and I had a hard time writing about it in a way that conveyed how interesting it was without sounding as if I was babbling.
Sharon Bridge
November, 2004


Sharon and Doug

Sharon and Doug


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