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August , 2004

Robin Parrish of FUSE Magazine spoke to Doug about his career and his faith.


Robin: Did you always want to be an actor?

Doug: I guess so. Let's see ... Are creative people right-brained or left-brained? I forget. Well, let's pretend they're right-brained. My brother Richie, who is a pastor and a psychologist, he tells me that I have a profile of a left-brained person ... who makes frequent visits to the right. [ Laughs] So I'm actually built more like a non-creative person. But I love creative stuff. Isn't that weird?

That is weird.

So my eyes kind of roll back into my head when I'm not working, when I'm home too much. [Laughs]

How did you get started?

Ever since I was a wee little kid, I wanted to be an actor. I think it's because I had an awful lot of trouble growing up, all the way up through my awkward teens. Here's the moaning part of the story, by the way. [Laughs]


[Whiney voice]"I don't know what I want to doooo with my liiiiife!"


No, here's the thing. I'm very tall and very skinny. Always have been. And I was very uncoordinated. Very lacking at any kind of sport - or any sport that involves a ball of any kind. [Laughs] Catching, throwing, having a team waiting that would depend on you would scare the life out of me.

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