Prague, Czech Republic
March to July 2003


Getting to grips with the Fish Guy - the very first full test of Abe's makeup ~ Doug with Nigel Booth and Steve Wang


Mark Setrakian working with Doug on set


Steve Wang - Head creature art director for Spectral Motion, works on Doug during the first Abe makeup tests


Doug and John Hurt listen to director Guillermo del Toro describe a scene


Photograph © 2003 Peter Abrahamson. All rights reserved

Doug and Peter Abrahamson, an "animatronic, mechanic, puppeteer, robot builder kinda guy." Peter said this about working on HELLBOY: "Spectral Motion and Hellboy was the BEST job I ever had after 16 years in this crazy film industry. I like to see it as the high point of my career."

Find out more about Peter Abrahamson at his website, Ronin Special Effects


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