Dougie ~ sketch

Sketched during Doug's Q & A., Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, April 2008

I was in attendance at Mr. Jones' panel at the Calgary Comic Expo, where I did this sketch of him from my seat in the audience. The man is darned hard to draw; there's actually a second page to this drawing which is nothing but dozens of moving hands.

When the time came to get his autograph, I hadn't remembered to bring anything for him to sign, so I asked him to autograph this sketch. He did, as you can see, and the inscription still makes me giddy.

I loved his panel, and love his work, and meeting him made me very happy. And drawing him was a lot of fun (even if he was harder to draw than George Takei).

Dani Atkinson
Calgary, Canada, 29th April, 2008

© 2008 Dani Atkinson. All rights reserved

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