Hellboy II ~ Abe Sapien

Medium: Prisma pencil crayons on coloured paper.

© 2008 Izy Cheung. All rights reserved

I was bored (and sick, not much else to do but sit around and draw), and I've been watching Hellboy II a lot, 'cause the creatures in it just inspire me (and it was the only good movie that came out recently, besides Wall-E), Nuada is cool, HB is funny, and Abe is awesome; that, and the colours I used for Abe, were really the only colours I had in my pencil case, cause I couldn't find my 'main' pencil case...

So yeah, my tribute to Abe Sapien and to the awesome Doug Jones!

There's a couple things I wish I did differently and or messed up on. I wish I made the eyes more slanted ... but it was hard enough trying to see the pencil marks I had made, 'cause the paper was so dark. I messed up on the third gill ... I didn't know there was three, until I was watching the movie when I was almost done it.

I unfortunaly didn't have a lot of good reference pictures to work with, or at least not ones with the gills. Although tight leather (or pleather?) can be smexy, I much like Abe better without the leather covering up his gills.

Also, I totally wasn't aware that the yellowish gill thing ... wasn't a gill. I blame that of the reference picture ... and blame myself for more getting more than one reference picture (of frontal view no less) and the little picture on the back of the HB II case ... I only realized it WASN'T a gill when I was watching the movie, again when I was almost done. (I was watching Wall-E for most of it. I guess it would have made more sense to watch HB when drawing a character from it ...)

I'm pleased with how the detailing on the head come out. I was really hesitant about doing those little markings, but once I got going, it really added to it. And as always, I love the eye. I love doing eyes, it's my fav part.

Izy Cheung
Calgary, Canada, November 2008


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