One of Them

© 2008 Magali Girard. All rights reserved

I wondered around DeviantART and searched art of Doug Jones. He's got to be my favorite Actor of all time. He's so nice and very talented. I was stealing off a pose I found and decided to make it Dougie. Suddenly, the pose reminded me of someone swimming. (Weird, I know.) So I decided to make it so.

"Why is there dolphins everywhere?" you ask? Because he LOVES dolphins. We all know it! So I thought... maybe he wished he was part of them? He could! He's just like a dolphin.

YES he IS skinny and very tall. I think he's around 6'4.

I made him skinnier than he actually is. I heard he got in good shape recently. I find the skinniness of his body in the drawing makes him look weak. Not just weak, he's weakly letting himself become one of them.  I find it so beautiful.

By The Way : I wanted to do as if his pants were fading/ripping off because of the water. That's why he has no shirt, no shoes and all. He's slowly becoming part of the water.

Magali Girard
Canada, 2008


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