Aired 14th December, 1999

Season 4, #10 of 22

Director: Joss Whedon

Sarah Michelle Gellar Buffy Summers
Nicholas Brendon Xander Harris
Alyson Hannigan Willow Rosenberg
James Marsters Spike
Anthony Stewart Head Rupert Giles
Doug Jones Leader of the Gentlemen
Camden Toy Main Gentleman

Can't even shout, can't even cry,
The gentlemen are coming by.
Looking in windows, knocking on doors.
They need to take seven and they might take yours.
Can't call to mom, can't say a word.
You're gonna die screaming but you won't be heard.

And so sings a little girl in Sunnydale, a portent of the horror to come as the inhabitants of the town wake up to find themselves voiceless - the sounds stolen by an ancient evil that seeks to take the hearts of living humans. The Gentlemen have come calling ...

Doug Jones (centre) and Camden Toy (left) as The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen: According to stunt ace Jeff Pruitt, the scenes of the Gentlemen gliding so smoothly through Sunnydale were achieved by swinging them across distances of over 120 feet using cherrypickers.


Screen captures from 'Hush'

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The 'Gentleman' make-up was designed by John Wheaton of Optic Nerve Studios and applied by Todd Mackintosh.


Todd McIntosh, Chief Make-Up Artist, on creating The Gentlemen

I'd have to say The Gentlemen still end up being characters that everyone talks about, because everything about them was done exquisitely. They took time and were difficult, but they came together, and I have to say that the actor I did, Doug Jones, was absolutely magnificent in bringing it to life.

The elements of a make-up don't exist on their own, but when you've got an actor and a make-up coming together with a story that supports them, it's magic, and The Gentlemen certainly represented that to me.

I think there was a mutual respect between all of us that ended up creating that one stand-alone thing.


Taken from an interview by Joe Nazzaro in Issue 66, November 2004, of Buffy the Vampire Slayer magazine

Copyright © 2004 Buffy the Vampire Magazine. All rights reserved.


One of my favorite stories, when Doug and I were shooting HUSH, was when we shot the scene where we knock on the door of the Young Man whose heart we cut out. I think that it was one of the first scenes we shot.

After they yelled 'cut', one of the crew guys turned to Doug and I and said: "I can't believe the dialogue you guys are having, and you haven't even said a word."

It was a great feeling to get that kind of immediate response.

Camden Toy

Los Angeles, November 2004

If you would like to know more about the wonderful and talented Camden Toy, click here to visit his website.


The Sound of Silence - an interview from the Oct/Nov 2004 issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer



Joss Whedon, Screenplay, for the episode 'Hush'

EMMY (2000) Nominated

Michael Gershman, Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series, for the episode "Hush"

EMMY (2000) Nominated

Joss Whedon, Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, for the episode "Hush"

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