Behind the Scenes

10th ~ 24th August, 2010, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.


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Behind the Scenes on THE CANDY SHOP

The Doug Jones Experience would like to thank Whitestone Motion Pictures for their kindness in allowing us to use these images.

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Thanks to actor and photographer Atha for these images on the set of THE CANDY SHOP.

I was blessed to be on set the first day Doug was there getting into make-up for his role as the sinister shop-keeper in Whitestone's upcoming film: The Candy Shop.

My husband was also in make-up and I wanted to snap a few photos. I saw Doug sitting in the make-up chair, and I really did not want to bother him or anything, although I was so hoping that I could take his picture! He looked up immediately when I walked in, smiled, stuck out his hand and said, "Hi. I'm Doug. And you are?" That simple gesture meant so much to me that I cannot even put it into words. I was so thrilled and honored that he would even take the time to speak to me.

As I was around him more and more, I saw that Doug was more than just a very talented actor! He was a class act. He treated everyone with such respect and kindness, and was so very gracious and patient - such a professional. And each day I was on set, Doug would ask me how I was doing, always with a kind word, a big smile, and of course a HUG! He was so positive, so peaceful, and such an absolute joy to be around.

On the day he wrapped, Doug's farewell was choked with emotion. He paid the highest compliments to Brandon, the Whitestone crew, and fellow cast members, and there were quite a few tears shed. Those few days were a learning experience for me as an actor and he taught me a great deal as I watched him work. He'll probably never know how much he inspired me and encouraged me with his words, his actions, and his graceful, peaceful presence, but the impact he made on me will stay with me for the rest of my life.

What an honor and a joy to have had those few days in the brutal Atlanta heat and humidity working with this wonderful, sweet man! Love you Doug! I wish you much continued success.

God bless you and your sweet wife Laurie! As Bob Hope would sing: ~~~thanks~~~for~~~the~~~memories!!

Atha Dalton
Georgia, U.S.A., 8th September 2010

Dougie and Atha

© 2010 Atha Dalton. All rights reserved.


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