Canton, South Dakota

15th October, 2004

I went to Canton, a small town in South Dakota with a dear friend Hunter Austin, an actress/voice-over artist.

We went there to see the Hanson family who Hunter and I met while speaking at a youth summer camp in Colorado in July 2003. This family along with the Canton youth group they were at the camp with, made such a large impression on us, and we've all stayed in very good touch ... good enough to visit like this ... including the 25 hours of straight-through driving we did to get there! Insane, I tell you! Hunter and I got the chance to speak to a high school drama class and at a church while we were there.

Doug Jones
Los Angeles, October 2004


Photograph copyright © Mike Johnson

Ms. Kozak's Drama class at Canton High School in Canton, South Dakota when Hunter Austin (3rd row, 2nd left) and Doug visited the school on October 15th, 2004.

Thanks to drama class member Mike Johnson for the photograph!

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