Director: Brian Corder


Doug Jones ... The Ratcatcher
Reggie Bannister ... Detective Conrad Elliso
Chris Staviski ...Virgil Handso
Dave Markham ...William Crowley
Lynn Ayala ...Zoe Kroistakas
Denise Gossett ...Helen
Bill Schultz ...Siniscargo
Tony Simmons ...Doc Slickshall

Ford Austin ...The Talker n
Mighty Mike Murga ... The Fire Eater
Lee Perkins ... Professor James Algonquin


Sawdust in the Blood' used to be a Carnie compliment ... not a description of a crime scene.

There are a thousand sideshows playing thousands of small towns in 1936 when the Knuckles Brothers Show rolls into yet another town, ready to delight and dazzle the town folk with amazing acts and puzzling oddities. As they set up their tents they could not know that within days several of them would be dead, ripped savagely apart by a seemingly inhuman force, their souls stolen from their limp and bloody bodies.

Meet Helen, the owner of the Carnie, drugged out half the time, demanding all the time ... is she, in her drug-addled haze, the killer? Meet Virgil, the Strong Man with a weak heart for Zoe, the fortune telling gypsy enchantress. Meet Ratty, Virgil's friend and the Snake Handler for the show ... a peculiar young man understood by few. Meet William Crowley, the Sword Swallower, who, along with Virgil and Ratty, investigates the mystery, but perhaps too late to escape the same grisly fate as his colleagues. What sinister force is slashing its way through this family of performers leaving a trail of blood and crumpled, torn, soulless bodies in its wake? Step up, step up, ladies and gentlemen, the show is about to begin ...

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Carnies’ DVD Details

STREET DATE: October 12, 2010
AUDIO: English 5.1 Dolby
U.S. RATING: Not Rated
DISTRIBUTORS: R-Squared Films (USA, Canada)
UPC: 837654866771
SRP: $19.99V
Runtime: 83 Minutes

Doug Jones Interview
Reggie Bannister on set Interview
Behind the Scenes of Carnies
"Flying or Falling" Music Video
'Carnies' Slideshow

Carnies’ Being Distributed in North America
By R-Squared Films

(June 3, 2010) ~
The North America distribution rights for the new horror film ‘Carnies’ have been picked up by R-Squared Films. The movie, which was directed by Brian Corder and is presented by T.R. Productions, also now has an official DVD release date of October 12th, 2010. A limited theatrical and VOD release are also planned, and dates are set to be announced shortly.

‘Carnies’ follows a traveling sideshow in 1936, when the workers set up their oddities and illusions in another town hit by the dustbowl. However, this town is different, as a sinister force begins to kill off the carnies one-by-one.

Detective Ellison (Reggie Bannister of ‘Phantasm’) is put on the case, looks at several of the carnies, including the mysterious carnival owner, Helen (Denise Gosset); the strong man, Virgil (Chris Staviski of ‘Zombie Hunter’); and Ratty, the snake handler (Doug Jones of ‘Hellboy’ and ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’).

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Behind the scenes on CARNIES

05/12/2006 ~ Doug began filming CARNIES in Yucaipa, CA., and finished on 05/21/2006

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