8th & 9th August, 2009

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center,
Rosemont, IL,


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Terry Fitts

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It seems that every time I've gone to Comic Con, I've introduced someone to Doug (Abbey and Heidi in Detroit; Matt in Philly). This time was no different. After fighting our way in, we headed straight to Doug's booth, as Laura and Bjorn were anxious to meet him, Laura especially, because Hocus Pocus was the first movie she ever owned on VHS and I don't think I need to tell you who her favorite character was.

Dougie, of course, was delighted to meet them- "You brought me more puppies!" We all had an interesting discussion on that, during which Bjorn made sure that Doug would give him plenty of dog chow and fresh water, and Laura insisted that he not be neutered. "And I'm still going to drag my butt across the carpet from time to time," said Bjorn, to which Doug said he'd get him worm medicine for that. We bugged him a bit with Night Angel lines- Doug laughed aloud when Matt told him, with a straight face, "I want to bear your children."

By the end of the conversation, the line began piling up as it always does, and Mr. J bid us to come back later so we could chat more. We wandered around a bit before it was time for the Hellboy 2 Q&A. Unfortunately, this one's getting a little fuzzy for me. But I do remember that it's available online, so I'll post that link when I go through my goodies bag.

After grabbing a bite to eat and wandering a little more, we decided to go say hello to Mr. Goss [Luke Goss. Ed.]. I wanted to talk to him a bit about his role as the Creature in a TV miniseries of Frankenstein in 2004, which I had seen a few weeks ago. I wondered what little tweaks he thought Guillermo would put into the film (besides, of course, the customary junk floating in jars). He said whatever Guillermo did with it, it would be dark and wonderful. That lead to a discussion about who to play Victor Frankenstein. Since Luke has played the role of the Creature before, he said, Guillermo didn't want him to do it again. But we did discuss the fact that he could, in fact, play Victor. Matt and I are going to try to find a way to write to Guillermo... he'd be awesome in the part. This is probably very weird, but weirdness and slight insanity tend to go together. I felt like I had bonded a little with Luke, even though we'd probably spend less than a couple hours talking over the course of the day and the evening. (Coolwaters, the convention, and some toy companies hosted the "Dinner with Demons" and the cocktail party afterwards, which we attended.)

Overall ... this was the best day I've ever had. I spent time with friends, met new people, and got some great hugs.


~ Carly Smith
Indiana, U.S.A., 9th August, 2009

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Doug Jones & Luke Goss Q & A




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Tim Rosenberger


While I was thinking about how to start this I realized something important. If you’re planning on writing a report about a few days at a con then write what you did down after each day so you don’t forget a lot of the details and then go home to write it less detailed and more clunky than you would like it to be. I did not follow this rule and that means that I will have to write another somewhat vague report about what happened between Dougie and I.


To make a long story shorter, I ended up going to Wizard World Chicago on the fifth through ninth of August. When I had decided to go I knew that Luke Goss was going but had no idea that Dougie was going as well. It was only after I had made the decision to go that I found out about Doug attending. It’s safe to say that I was more than a little excited to see my favorite fish stick again.

I arrived in the Chicago area on that Wednesday. I then waited impatiently the rest of that day and Thursday (a day mainly consisting of con shopping) for Friday to arrive. It finally did and I went to the con and almost immediately started looking for his table. It took a while but eventually I found it. You would think after meeting the man before, and knowing how nice he was, would make it easier to go up and talk to him. It didn’t for me, though.

After building up my courage for at least ten minutes I got in the line for his table and waited until it was my turn to see him. When I got up to his table I was immediately hit with a super friendly Dougie greeting. I can’t remember exactly what he said (see what I mean about the writing things down thing) but hugs and other friendly greetings were involved.

We chit-chatted for a bit. He asked me how I had been and what I had been up to at the con. He told me that there was supposed to be a special My Name is Jerry screening the night before (Thursday) but they had cancelled it and he had gotten in town too late Thursday night to get there on time for the screening in the first place. I was very sorry to hear this news as I am very much looking forward to seeing My Name is Jerry (which I may get to see in September at a nearby film festival). He then mentioned if I had seen someone that I was supposed to meet while at the con and I said know. He expressed his disappointment at not getting to see Parker (Creator of Del Toro Films who was unable to attend the con at the last minute). He mentioned that there was a book in the works involving him as a mime. I don’t know if Webmaster Helen has written something about it on the site yet but it involves Dougie, as a mime, doing certain famous poses. I think he said the working title of the book was Mime Very Own Book.

He informed me that a Hellboy II Q & A panel with Luke Goss and himself that was taking place the next morning. I was unaware of this panel, as it wasn’t well advertised by the con organizers (well, actually, it wasn’t really advertised at all). He said to come back again later when the line wasn’t so long. He said that he wanted to see me at the Buffy panel that he was doing later that day and then we said our goodbyes.

The Buffy panel was good but I don’t remember any of it so I will decline to talk about it.

I came back to his table a few hours later to say hello again and we talked some more. I mentioned how tired I was and how I hadn’t had much to eat all day. Dougie rifled under his table and found a plastic food container. It contained a half eaten tuna sandwich (I found this funny and wandered if all the con guests being sponsored by that company, Cool Water Productions, got the same thing or if Dougie was the only one) and some French fries. Dougie told me that he hadn’t even touched the other half of the sandwich (which, to verify, had been cut in half not eaten until half of it was left) and that he wanted me to have it because I was “A growing boy”. I said thank you and that he didn’t need to do that. He insisted and I ended up taking it.

I said I would see him the next morning at the Q & A and said goodbye.


The panel was at twelve that day and I got to the panel room a little before then. Just finding the room was an ordeal, as the Q & A wasn’t listed on the panel board until after it had already started. A couple others were looking for the same room. We heard a man working at the con say that they needed some things in the room for the HBII panel. He mentioned which room it was in and that enabled us to find it.

So after finding the room and getting seated we waited for it to begin. The four of us in the room grew to around seven or so. Dougie and Luke talked to their con organizer (Derek, who was very nice I might add) and they decided to sit down with the crowd because of the small turn up. It made for a much more personal experience. I won’t talk much about the Q & A as I have it on video and will, hopefully, have it up on youtube soon (although, I didn’t get the beginning of it because I didn’t think to record it at first and I didn’t get the end of it because my video camera’s battery went dead from not charging it enough the night before). Suffice it to say it was a very enjoyable time. Luke and Doug provided some fun stories and such about Hellboy and some of their other acting jobs. The crowd grew as the Q & A went on, which I was glad to see, and by the end of it there were around twenty to thirty people attending. I reluctantly exited the Q & A, sorry to see it end but knowing that I could see Dougie later on in the day.

While going back into the main convention room Dougie got my attention and I talked to him as we walked back. Eventually he said he had to go back to his table and we said goodbye for now.

I wait back to his table later and said hi. I gave him a couple of Babe Ruth bars and a thing of Kit-Kats (because I heard he liked his sweets, especially Kit-Kats). I hope they hadn’t melted too much since I had bought them the previous day. We talked for a few until the line got a little congested behind me and he told me to, again, come back again later in the day when the line was shorter.(By the way I’m keeping my brief meeting with Luke Goss out of this report to keep this as Dougie-centric as possible. I will say that he was a real nice guy though and was terrific to a nervous, shy guy like myself.)

Later that day I walked by Doug’s table area and was stopped by someone calling my name. I looked around and saw Dougie waving at me. I walked over to him and he said that he was about to do an interview for some web thing that was at the con. “Are you going to the Hellboy Meet and Greet later tonight?” he asked.

“Uh, no, I don’t think so,” I told him. “I was thinking about it but I never got around to buying tickets for it.”

“Hmm, stick around for a bit,” he told me.

He went and did his interview for twenty minutes while I looked at my copy of Art of Hellboy the Movie that I found cheap at the con.

He finished his interview and walked back over to me.

“Would you want to come to the dinner?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said.

“Okay, well, you don’t have anywhere to be later tonight, do you? Because I don’t want to keep you from going somewhere if you already have plans.”

“No, I’m not doing anything.”

“Good.” He then said he would ask con organizer Derek if it was okay for me to come to the dinner. He called Derek up on his phone and Derek being the nice guy that he is said that it would be fine if I came.

“I’m going back up to my room. Would you mind hanging out for forty minutes?” he asked.

I said that would be fine.

We went up to his room (which was in the hotel adjoining the convention center) and I could tell when we were walking up there that he was tired. It wasn’t quite like a switch had been turned. It wasn’t like he went from cheerful and full of energy to tired and worn out. But there was slight change that showed me that he was worn out. Plus, he told me himself that he was tired so that helped.

We made it up to his room and the next forty minutes consisted of Dougie trying to get me to talk. I would just like to say that I’m a shy person and that I can be quiet at first when I first meet people. It takes me a while but after I spend a some time with someone I can get to the point where I can talk face to face freely and frequently too them. That weekend so far and the few hours the summer before at Hellebration ‘08 had not been enough time for me to get to that convert level with Doug yet and so I wasn’t as talkative as I could’ve been.

When I was talking we talked about some of the fan videos of him that had been made and we watched a few on his laptop. We also touched briefly on the subject of Dougie being a little technology challenged (I had brought up floppies and he didn’t know what they were. Well, not by name, anyway).

Doug rested for a little with his feet propped up on a chair and the rest of him on the floor (apparently that’s a favorite position of his to sleep in when he’s in his trailer during movies).

The time came to go to the dinner. We went downstairs and found our way there. This report is long enough and so I’ll just give a bullet point for the dinner.

• Dougie introduced me to the person I had been looking for at the con and we, and her friends she came with, sat at the same table for the dinner (apparently they had been invited to the dinner by Derek).

• I had some nice food and got a free comic and other things from Cool Water Productions.

• Luke Goss came over and sat at my table and talked with everyone for a little bit.

• Camden Toy, who played many Buffy monsters (such as one of the Gentlemen with Dougie) among other things, was there.

• There was a Hellboy type trivia game to win some Hellboy related goodies. I got one of the questions right and got something cool.

• There were a few group pictures taken of the guests with Doug, Luke, and Camden. We got a copy of the photos by the end of the dinner and everybody got them signed by the three guys attending.

• Oh, and dinner was good.

After the dinner Dougie and the other two had to go to party type thing. I was invited to come along but said that I wasn’t much for parties in the first place. Dougie said neither was he and my fellow con goers and myself all talked with Dougie for a little while before he needed to go inside. I said goodbye to him and that I would see him on the next day. I said goodbye to my newly acquainted friends and left.


Not much to report here. I did very little on Sunday. By that point I had little left to do at the con. I went to a panel early in the day and then walked around looking for things of interest until late in the day.

I met Dougie at his table. “I was wondering if I was going to see you today,” he said.

“Well, you kept telling me that it would be best for me to come by later in the day so I decided to wait to come and see you today until later.”

We talked for a little bit and he told me when he was leaving that day. I said that I would come back around then.

Later I came by and he told me he was finishing up there earlier than expected. He asked me if I wouldn’t mind sticking around and talking with him for a little while before he had to leave for his flight. I said would mind at all. After getting everything packed away at his booth we walked out of the main convention room and over to the hotel lobby.

During this walk I could see that he was even more tired than the previous day. He mentioned that he was very disoriented and asked if I could notice that he was tired. I said yes I could. It didn’t help that he was lugging around his suitcases all the way to the hotel lobby.

We found some nice chairs next to a glass table in the lobby and took our seats there. We talked about my college plans, what some of my interests were, and what I wanted to major in. We also talked a little about my family life and other things.

After talking to Dougie for a while and helping him eat another tuna fish sandwich I said that I had to get going. We both gave each other hugs goodbye and said farewell.

As always I hope you have enjoyed this very, very, long Dougie account.

I had a good time with Doug and he made sure the weekend was fun for me. I only hope that I am able to go to the nearby film festival in September to see him again when he’s there for the festival’s screening of My Name is Jerry. I can only hope to go there and meet up with my friend Doug Jones once again.

Somewhere in Illinois, 1:50 A.M., August 24th, 2009



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