Los Angeles

13th August , 2004

Doug appeared at the Chinese Christian Alliance Church, speaking of his faith, and how challenging it can be working as a christian actor in Hollywood. Sincerest thanks to Roger Cheng for allowing us to use his words and photographs

And here he is, the one and only Doug Jones!


[Doug] still on the stage - by then, I was probably really pumped up and wide awake (a rare thing in church ...)


Doing the robot, but his motions are too fast for my camera ... but it's all good ...


Hello? ... hellllllloooooooooooo? ... hello?...


Doug and I without flash...


Doug and I with flash ... not only did I have a fun time that night, I think I've found me-self a new favorite American Actor.

May God Bless you Doug Jones ... and good luck with your acting career.

You can visit Roger's site here

Copyright © 2004 Roger Cheng. All rights reserved

Being that I am a christian, and have been since the age of 6, sharing my faith at the appropriate time and place is always a joy for me.

Since becoming an actor, I get invitations like this all the time, especially to youth groups or bigger youth rallys, crusades, etc. I belong to an organization called Media Fellowship International, which is a christian ministry for people in entertainment.

We have special events to invite media people to, and monthly in-home Bible study groups in larger cities all across the U.S. A few of us actor types from the group get asked to travel together to various towns across America to speak (usually sharing our own personal story ... I'm not much of a sermon preacher) at youth events.

Honestly, this is something that makes this whole crazy showbiz thing make some sense to me. Some of my warmest memories are from events like these. Yes, we go there as Hollywood celebrities, but it ends up being about sharing a faith in God.

Doug Jones
Los Angeles, August 2004

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