Plano, Texas
29th & 30th April, 2006




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Day One ~ Saturday

Day One ~ The photographs of Corey and Matthew Bond

The Doug Jones Experience would like to thank Corey and Matthew for allowing us to post their pictures

My son and I are huge fans of Doug Jones, so of course we're familiar with your website. Doug is a wonderful talent and a great guy to meet in person.

These were taken on April 29th at the 2006 Dallas Comic Con at the Plano Centre in Plano, Texas. In some of the pictures, Doug is posing with my son, Matthew Bond. They'd been chatting for quite a while by the time I arrived at Doug's table, and Doug went out of his way to make sure they got a picture together. Doug is so friendly and personable ... I really appreciate the time and energy he devotes to meeting and entertaining his fans.

Corey Bond


Day Two ~ Sunday


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