10th February, 2007
Burbank, CA.



Doug joined Mike Mignola, supervising producer/director Tad Stones and composer Chris Drake to promote the release of HELLBOY ANIMATED: SWORD OF STORMS on DVD. They met with fans and signed everything put in front of them! The Doug Jones Experience would like to thank Gary Deocampo, John Zander, Carolyn Jette and Christopher Drake for their kindness in allowing us to post their photographs and memories.

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An Evening with Doug Jones

I met Doug at a convention here in Sacramento way back in June of 2006.  Spent a lot of time at the table listening to him tell his wonderful stories and the responses to questions other fans had approached him with.  Shared some of my work with him and generally got to know the guy.

Then in San Diego at Comic Con I met him again after the Pan's Labyrinth panel. Beth was also with me then and  had the pleasure of meeting him in that lovely hour line at the poster signing. I exchanged email information with Doug and kept in contact with him that way.

At the end of December, Beth and I drove down to LA where we met with him again at the ArcLight Theater.  A long story there, but we answered some questions for the camera and were in attendance for an opening night showing of Pan's Labyrinth.

Then, of course, Burbank ...

February 10th a store signing took place at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, California. My brother Jonathan and I left the house around 11:30pm on Friday to go swoop up our friend Beth. A few scant bags and a full tank of gas, and the three of us were on our way. After a few hours of driving we made it to Valencia, our room was there at the Hilton Garden across from Six Flags. We checked in and went up to our room, and crashed until morning.

The next day we were up by noon and out into the beautiful, sunny weather on our way to Burbank. We didn't really have a plan for this trip outside of going out there for a signing at a store. Okay, so this store is pretty cool. Horror movies, books about monsters and little Halloween trinkets on the shelves. One of those places you have to go into just to look, if not come out with an arm full of stuff you don't need. This is where the signing was taking place for Hellboy Animated. Doug, Mike Mignola, Tad Stones, and Christopher Drake all attended and signed little things for their fans waiting in line. We were in line, but we didn't have anything to be signed. Instead, just there to shake hands with a couple of new faces, and bother our boy at work. Whom as per usual was thrilled we drove out there to do so.

I had brought along my portfolio and Beth brought a few of her drawings. Rather than handing him something to be signed (we've seen him four or five times now over the last few months, I'd feel silly asking), I asked to show him an image I had meant to bring out months ago. Nothing but praise for the fan art piece from him and the few sitting around him. Beth gave him her little (by little I mean 2 inch by two inch) drawing and I told him he could keep mine as well. This is where it took a few minutes to get out of the line. Trying to convince him that yes indeed he could keep it.  Anyway, I was really glad he finally accepted, but he decided he needed to do something in return, and down went the signature onto the Silver Surfer glossy ... so after a few more hugs and thank you's, I did move onto the next table with a gift signed.

Before we could get too far into the direction of the exit, the three of us were stopped by John, Doug's publicist. He told us that he was doing some sort of documentary and since he "sees us more than he sees Doug," wanted to ask us a couple of questions in front of the camcorder. Beth and I were led outside to the back of the shop where, like at Archlight, we asked about our fandom. The drawing I let Doug keep was also displayed and talked about briefly. We talked a bit with John and then went in to sign the waivers. Since the back door was behind the signing tables, we had to wait a few seconds for the guy currently in line to move aside. Just enough time for Dougie to catch us again on our way out. He asked us where we were staying and as it turned out, he lives close to where we our room was. He gives Beth his number and tells us to call him later so we can meet up for dinner ... and so out the door we went.

Of course, we called Doug around six. Since we didn't know the area and he was close, it was decided to meet at the Marie Calenders across the street from the hotel. He told us to meet him there at 6:38pm and yes, he was on time exactly.

Laughing and talking as friends, rather than the professional manner that takes place in front of the crowds. Dinner, pie and casual conversation ... and "jumping on beds"?  Okay so no actual bed jumping happened, but we did go back to the hotel to hang out and watch television. Not even watch television, we were all so tired/currently relaxed that we just flipped through channels and looked at titles on the pay-per-view option. Chit chat about whatever until about 11:00pm, took a couple of photos (after we figured out how to get the timer to work) and called in the night.

It was a fantastic weekend, one I won't forget.  Not only did things turn out better than we could have hoped ... road conditions, room, weather, but some very fun and unexpected things happened and in the end we all came back feeling a whole lot less intense. It was a break I think everyone needed.

Carolyn Jette
California, 13th February, 2007

© 2007 Carolyn Jette. All rights reserved.

The Photographs of Christopher Drake

Christopher Drake is the amazingly talented composer of the score of HELLBOY ANIMATED: SWORD OF STORMS and the upcoming HELLBOY ANIMATED: BLOOD AND IRON, and joined Doug, Mike and Tad at the signing.

© 2007 Christopher Drake. All rights reserved.

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