(unaired T.V. Pilot)

Director: P.J. Hogan


Alec Newman .. Barnabas Collins
Marley Shelton ... Victoria Winters
Blair Brown ... Elizabeth Collins Stoddard
Jessica Chastain ... Carolyn Stoddard
Martin Donovan ... Roger Collins
Alexander Gould ... David Collins

Doug Jones ... Barnabas Double/Railway Demon

All images by kind permission of Andrew Clement, makeup designer for the 2004 pilot episode. Find out more about Andrew and his amazing world of prosthetic design at Creative Character Engineering.

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All images © 2004 Andrew Clement/Creative Character Engineering. All rights reserved

I was happy to get Doug to work with right after HELLBOY, but wasn't sure what his personality was going to be like. I was thrilled to find him such an agreeable, hard-working, patient, happy person.

Doug is a gem. I consider him a friend, and look forward to any opportunity to work with him again.

Andrew Clement,
Los Angeles, August 17th, 2005

Todd Mackintosh on the makeup for DARK SHADOWS

Extract from an interview with Todd MacIntosh for FANGORIA magazine

For veteran makeup artist Todd McIntosh, working on the new DARK SHADOWS was a childhood dream come true. A devoted fan of the original series, McIntosh, who finished a six-year stint on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER not long ago, was delighted to work on the recent WB pilot, which failed to be picked up for the network’s fall schedule.

“I don’t know what the final reason was that they nixed it,” says McIntosh, “The way it was explained to me, almost everyone making the decisions didn’t like the show, but no one could say what they didn’t like. One person wouldn’t like an actor, another person didn’t like this choice or the lighting or whatever, but nobody could come to a cohesive, point-the-finger-at-one-element and say, ‘That’s what’s wrong with it.’ It probably would have been better if they could. If they could have pointed at one actor and say, ‘That guy is ruining this whole pilot; replace him and let’s go!’ they’d have been able to make a decision. But the different factions were looking at it and saying, ‘Well, it’s not right, but I don’t know why. Let’s just not put the energy into it—and besides, it costs $5 million!’ ”

McIntosh headed up the makeup department, with prosthetics built by Andrew Clement of Creative Characters. Their collaborations included Barnabas Collins (Alec Newman) in varying stages of decomposition as he’s brought back to life, and the equally cadaverous demon (HELLBOY’s Doug Jones) seen in the opening sequence. According to McIntosh, “Victoria Winters [Marley Shelton] is on the train to Collinwood when she falls asleep and has a dream where a kid in a Halloween costume suddenly becomes a monster. It made sense to me that if the kid is in a red devil costume, the monster should be a devil or demon of some kind.

“The director [Ed. - PETER PAN’s P.J. Hogan, below with Shelton and Jones in the demon getup] waffled on this a couple of times, and what he came back with was that the creature she sees in her dream, which gives her a bit of a warning, is some victim of Barnabas from the past. At the same time, we still had to build the corpse of Old Barnabas in the coffin, and to save time and money—we still didn’t have an actor cast for Barnabas at that point—we used Doug Jones for both makeups. We tried to make them look different, but I believe the director held on the train demon a little too long. It should have been just a quick scare, but because we had the same actor in both makeups, there is a bit of a resemblance.”

Copyright © 2004 Todd Mackintosh

Doug (the scabby one on the right) with director P.J. Hogan and Marley Shelton

Interview with Andrew Clement, make-up designer on Dark Shadows

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