4th September, 2010
Edgerton, Wisconsin, U.S.A.



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Convention Report

by Michele Christensen

Michele was joined by Fan-Sapiens Carly, Matt and first-time Dougie-Huggee Emma, as well as family and friends.

I left Thursday at 1am to catch the train in Grand Forks North Dakota ... arriving at 1pm on Thursday in Columbus Wisconsin. After arriving at my brother's we went straight over to the High school and Performing Arts Center to see how things would be set up. We worked on setting tables later that night .. after we got back Mark [Michele's brother, who had organised the convention ~ Ed.], Nick ( a friend of Mark's and me that go way back) and me watched Skin And Bones since they never saw it.

Friday, Mark and Nick got up early to go get more things done ... they left the radio on for me so I wouldn't miss Doug's interview that morning live ... Doug did it while he was in the car on the way to the airport and he did great job! When Nick and Mark got back me and Nick went to check in to the Hotel before picking up Doug and Derek at the Airport ... they arrived at 3pm.

As soon as we saw each other we gave each other hugs .. .they said their flight went good.

So we loaded them up in the car to take them to the Hotel to check in ... on the way I asked if they were hungry - 'course they were. Derek wanted to eat dead cow. Well Nick, who is not from WIisconsin, got a little lost on the way back to the Hotel ... but Doug and Derek were just loving the scenery. After we got them checked in at the hotel it was off to eat at the Lake View Inn which was built around 1800's and the food was sooo good there.

After dinner Derek and Doug wanted to go in and rest ... so me and Nick went to go help out more to set up for the con. After helping set up I went back to the Hotel to watch some t.v. and relax myself ... Matt called and so did Emma, saying that they probably wouldn't be checking in around 12am. So I told them when they came to the room to be extra quiet since we were next door to Doug and he was relaxing since he said he didn't sleep much the night before he got on the plane.

They came around 12am and it was so nice to see everyone made it ... we gave out hugs and were excited about the weekend.

Saturday I got up to set up more tables while they stayed and ate breakfast. When I got back we got dressed in our costumes for the Con.

10 am the breakfast was closed at the Hotel and I knew Doug didn't eat any so I went down there and asked if I can grab something for him? They were more then happy to. I then took some muffins and a bagel to Doug's room and he was so thankful that I did that.

Carly, Matt, Heidi and Emma followed us in the car over to the convention. Even though there weren't as many people there as last year we all had fun. Morgan Mead was there, the Director from My Name is Jerry ... it was so nice to finally meet him.

Doug had his Q&A at 1pm it was nice I got to do the introduction ... a lot of good questions went to Dougie. After the Q&A I got Derek and Doug some pulled pork sandwiches for lunch.

After the con closed we all went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner, we still had an hour and Derek came to our room to hang till then, while Dougie rested. The dinner went very well ... we had a choice between Steak, Salmon and Veggie Lasagna.

That night we tried to find Karaoke but there wasn't any but we stopped at a few places where we danced and had fun. But in the end we went back to have our PJ party which we all enjoyed very much.

Sunday we went in our PJ's to breakfast which was fun ... then we all got together for our goodbyes, which is always sad. Me and my brother drove Derek and Doug to the airport, but on the way Derek wanted to stop off at a comic book store to buy some Green Arrow comics. We gave out hugs and said our goodbyes to each other.

Then it was my turn to catch my Train which left at 5pm. I didn't get home till Monday at 7am, then I crawled into bed and slept.


The Prom Pose - Dougie and his Mixie

Michele 'Mixie' Christensen
11th September, 2010

© 2010 Michele Christensen. All rights reserved.


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