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A graphic novel by
Jay P. Fosgitt

Dougie's Book Endorsement Week concludes with another friend's very funny, sometimes slightly naughty graphic novel: Jay Fosgitt 's DEAD DUCK. Jay gave me the honor of writing the Foreword for this, so I'm published once again, myself! Look for DEAD DUCK at his publisher's site.

-- Doug Jones, February 2010

A novel by
Robin Parrish

My dear friend Robin Parrish, who has written three prior novels with great success, sent me an advance copy of his new novel, Off World. I'm an admitted slow reader, and rarely take time for books, but let me tell you, this one had me voraciously turning pages. I found myself caring a great deal about this crew of astronauts who found themselves crashed back to earth only to find the entire world vacated. Where did everyone go? A suspenseful, action-packed story that stimulated my scientific "what-if's", along with each character on his/her own journey of self reflection, faith, hope, and redemption.

Visit Robin Parrish's website for more information and to order your own copy!

-- Doug Jones, February 2010

Chaplains Anne & Bill Bowman

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