4th June, 2006
Burbank AirportHilton & Towers,
2500 Hollywood Way, Los Angeles, CA


Doug and writer/director Guillermo del Toro attended the convention on Sunday, 4th June for a panel and Question & Answer session on PAN'S LABYRINTH. They showed the 4-minute 'long trailer' and raffled a piece of artwork from the film. Afterwards they met fans and signed just about anything! The signing session lasted for 4 hours!!!

Doug's publicist, John Zander, said, "Guillermo and Doug did a panel on Pan for about a half an hour. Lots of questions and a full house. Then they signed items for fans for almost 4 hours straight. Yes, you read it correctly, 4 hours! A constant line that went to the back of the hall and then along the back wall. They signed anything and everything that the fans had and posed for photos. You will see a photo of the line, it was really amazing. It was the biggest turnout and longest line of the whole convention."

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The autograph session that went on for FOUR HOURS!!!

© John Zander 2006. All rights reserved

PAN'S LABYRINTH panel with Doug Jones & Guillermo del Toro

Photographs courtesy of Brian Corder

© 2006 Brian Corder. All rights reserved

There are more pictures of the PAN'S LABYRINTH panel from Genrefan.com here. Thanks to Matt for the link!

CARNIES at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors

Doug joined director Brian Corder and other members of the cast and crew of CARNIES at the event

Find out more about the film at the OFFICIAL SITE, and see more images of CARNIES at Fangoria here

Photographs courtesy of Brian Corder

© 2006 Brian Corder. All rights reserved


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