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Fan Sapiens ...
just what is a Fan Sapien??? Well, when HELLBOY hit screens in 2004, audiences took the blue fish guy Abe Sapien very much to their hearts, and many movie fans wanted to know more about the actor who played him ... and discovered Doug Jones. THEN they discovered that they had enjoyed so many of his performances through the years ... Billy Butcherson in HOCUS POCUS ... the Lead Gentleman in the Buffy episode HUSH ... and now a gentle, psychic Fishstick that won fans the world over. Dougie was awestruck by the response, and promptly - as is his wont - gave them a nickname. So, Fan Sapiens they became, and Fan Sapiens they have remained, and their numbers have swelled since 2004 with the advent of PAN'S LABYRINTH, FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER, and of course, Abe's return in HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY.

Being the artistic and inventive bunch they are, Doug decided that they needed their own page to strut their stuff, and he can show off the wonderful things they create. They are proud to be Fan Sapiens, and Dougie is VERY proud and deeply thankful that he has the most amazing and generous fans anyone could ask for.

So this is YOUR page, and here we will have artwork, fan videos, and avatars, buddy icons, wallpapers and other neat hoo-hah for everyone to enjoy. Keep checking in, for there WILL be updates!

You can see some fantastic artwork here.

Why not join and hang out with fellow Fan Sapien artists and share the love?

Fan Sapiens are very creative - check out these delightful tribute videos!

A new page celebrating the written word ... Fan Sapien style!

Wallpapers, buddy icons and avatars ...

Some fun communities dedicated to Doug or the characters he plays. These ones have Dougie's 'Fishstick Seal of Approval' as safe and friendly places to chat about Doug or his characters, share artwork and stories, and meet other Fan Sapiens.

ICTHYO SAPIENS ~ (LiveJournal) for fans of Abe Sapien - comics, movies and cartoons (Oh, and Doug Jones too!)

DOUG JONES ~ (LiveJournal) for fans of Doug Jones

DOUG JONES FAN CLUB ~ (Facebook) for fans of Doug Jones


Fan-Sapien Althea has offered to run a Dougie Fun-Club for fans in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary and Poland. She has the official approval for this venture from Doug himself, so if you have any ideas, queries, thoughts etc., just get in touch with Althea here.

There's Love!!!
Webmaster Helen

If you have artwork, videos or downloadables that you would like to share with fellow Fan Sapiens,
you can contact me, Webmaster Helen, here.

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