3rd March 2011
The Fargo Theatre,
Fargo, North Dakota, U.S.A.




Doug attended a screening of the award-winning THE BUTTERFLY CIRCUS and ABSENTIA
Followed by a 'Conversation with Doug Jones'

Both THE BUTTERFLY CIRCUS and ABSENTIA were winners at the festival


Winner ~ Best of Fest
Winner ~ Best Narrative Short
Winner ~ Best Cinematography


Honorable Mention ~ Best Narrative Feature


I left on Thursday March 3rd to head off to the Fargo Film Fest ... which was only two hour drive for me.

As soon as I checked in I got hold of Dougie by text and he said to meet him at the Fest around 6:30pm ... so I grabbed some dinner beforehand. Got to the theater and I was blown away on how old it was and so beautiful!

Dougie came on time and we saw each other and hugged. We talked before we had to go and sit down ... and while we were talking a guy playing the organ pops up in front playing ... and Dougie said that they play old black and white silent films there with the guy playing the organ! How cool its that!

I was on cloud nine 'cause I always wanted to sit by Dougie and watch one of his movies that he was in, and that night it was two. On the other side of Dougie sat Zekey and his sister who also drove up to see Dougie [Ed: Zeke and Anna Hansen. Puppy Zeke gave Doug his stuffed doggy 'Zekey' over seven years ago]. They were so nice.

Well, before the film started they asked Dougie and Mike Flanagan who directed Absentia to talk about both The Butterfly Circus and Absentia. I was thrilled not only to see The Butterfly Circus on the big screen but was more thrilled when they were showing Absentia for the first time at a film fest.

It was a joy to watch The Butterfly Circus on the screen. After that ended they started up Absentia right away and that was a scary movie! Dougie was laughing when I jumped! The whole cast did a fabulous job on that film.

Before Absentia was over Dougie said he had to go get ready for the Q&A., and when it was time he came up from the bottom of the stage to the top sitting in a chair ... that was cool also.

Then Mike joined in on the Q&A after they let Dougie go first.

Afterwards Dougie told me and his two friends to sit tight while he signed and greeted the fans. I got to talk to Mike who is a very nice guy, and Itold him that Absentia was a very well made movie and I jumped a lot! Afterwards we headed over to the bar that was connected to the Hotel they where staying at. Dougie, myself with Zekey and his sister talked until it was time for them to drive home and Dougie headed to bed, [so] we said goodnight.

Next day I treated Dougie to breakfast and I asked him about The Butterfly Circus movie and will he be playing his role as 'Otto' ... and he said he is ... I was happy about that. It was a nice breakfast but we had to say our goodbyes 'cause he had to head over to the Moore Head University with Mike Flanagan to talk and meet with the students there. I hate goodbyes ... but it was all worth it!


Dougie and his Mixie

Michele 'Mixie' Christensen
4th April, 2011

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