Doug was interviewed at the Expo by Toxic Shock TV, and The Doug Jones Experience has been very kindly allowed to post the audio wav of the whole interview - and it's a great interview!!! Thanks guys!

NOTE: Now, it's a large file (more than 12 minutes of Dougie goodness), and we would be extremely grateful if you would download it onto your hard drive rather than clutter up our bandwidth - it makes it more accessible to everyone. So, if you wouldn't mind, right-click on the link below and do a 'Save as ...' or 'Save target as ...' Thankin' you kindly.

Download here ~ 8.2 MBs

If you're on dial-up and/or the file is taking too long to download, a transcript is now available on Toxic Shock TV!!

PLEASE NOTE: The interview is copyright ©2006 Toxic Shock TV. All rights reserved.


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