Director: Guillermo del Toro

Ron Perlman ...Hellboy

Doug Jones ... Abe Sapien
Selma Blair ... Liz Sherman
Jeffrey Tambor... Tom Manning
Luke Goss ... Prince Nuada of the Silverlance
Anna Walton ... Princess Nuala
John Alexander/James Dodd ...Johann Kraus
John Hurt ...Professor Bruttenholm (Broom)
Roy Dotrice ...King Balor
Seth MacFarlane ...Johann Kraus (voice)
Doug Jones ...Angel of Death
Doug Jones ...The Chamberlain


After an ancient truce existing between humankind and the invisible realm of the fantastic is broken, hell on Earth is ready to erupt.

A ruthless leader who treads the world above and the one below defies his bloodline and awakens an unstoppable army of creatures.

Now, it's up to the planet's toughest, roughest superhero to battle the merciless dictator and his marauders. He may be red. He may be horned. He may be misunderstood. But when you need the job done right, it's time to call in Hellboy (Ron Perlman).

Along with his expanding team in the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Development - pyrokinetic girlfriend Liz (Selma Blair), aquatic empath Abe (Doug Jones) and protoplasmic mystic Johann (John Alexander/James Dodd) - the BPRD will travel between the surface strata and the unseen magical one, where creatures of fantasy become corporeal.

And Hellboy, a creature of two worlds who is accepted by neither, must choose between the life he knows and an unknown destiny that beckons him.



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UPDATE!!! Hellboy II: The Golden Army has been chosen as the closing film at the 2008 Los Angeles International Film Festival.

UPDATE!!! Hellboy II: The Golden Army wrapped on November 22nd, 2007. The film is now in post-production in London & Los Angeles.

UPDATE!!! Hellboy II: The Golden Army is now set for release Stateside on July 11th, 2008, and in the U.K. August 22nd, 2008.

UPDATE!!! Hellboy II: The Golden Army is now filming!!! Cameras rolled this morning, Friday 8th June, 2007, at the Korda Studios near Budapest, Hungary.

NEWS!!! Filming is set to begin in Budapest, Hungary, and London, UK, in early June 2007, with Doug heading out to Hungary on May 16th. Director Guillermo del Toro will be joined once more by his Oscar-winning Director of Photography Guillermo Navarro, with special effects once more being provided by Mike Elizalde and his team at Spectral Motion, who have designed not only Abe Sapien, but also the two other characters that Doug will portray in the film.

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