26th & 27th September, 2009

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A New Fan-Sapien gets Puppy-fied!

My brother-in-law, Michael, and I got up at the ungodly hour (ungodly for us, as we are night people) of 6:30am! We arrived at the hotel about 20 minutes before the doors opened and were the second people in line. When we got our tickets we had to wait about an hour before they opened the convention. I was starting to get excited at this point (I was just starting to really wake up at this point). I kept checking the door and the ticket area for Carly [Carly Smith, Veteran Fan-Sapien and Dougie-Approved Puppy Handler - Ed.], but no luck. I did spot Danny Trejo, a character actor I’ve seen in a number of films, in the hall and was surprised to discover he was not a huge, scary man. In fact, he isn’t tall at all ... shows what the camera does for someone.

Finally we were allowed to go into the Celebrity Room. When we got in there were only like 3 celebrities there ... and Doug was not one of them. I found Doug’s table, which they were in the process of setting up. I spotted a tall guy in a cool looking suit with a name tag which read “Derek”. So I asked him if he was the Derek I had read about on the forum and he said yes. He informed us that Doug was going to be late as he wasn’t even physically in the building yet. I was slightly disappointed but still excited. Still no sign of Carly. One of the celebrities present was Count Gore De Vol, a local Horror Movie host and former children’s show host, whom Michael grew up watching. So we spoke with him for a while until he had to leave. Then we decided to go check out the vendor room downstairs and check back later.

So now it’s later and we returned to the Celebrity Room, where more celebrities had arrived. However, still no Doug. So we decided to go meet some of the other celebrities. First was another visit to the Count, who graciously posed for a picture with Michael and signed an autograph. While he was signing the autograph I hear someone say, “Noelle?” and turn to see my Puppy Handler, Carly. I informed her that Doug was late. She went to speak with Derek, and then said she and her entourage were going to the vendor rooms and would meet us back at Doug’s table. Next we met William Katt, from Carrie and Greatest American Hero. He was very pleasant and engaging. We each got an autograph and a photo with him. Still no Doug, so we went to speak with Corbin Bernsen from LA Law and Psych. Also very pleasant. I got an autograph for my Mom who loves Psych and we each got a photo with him. Still no Doug.

By this time there were two other people at Doug’s table so we decided to get in line and just wait. Some other people began lining up behind us. I overheard Derek telling the woman setting up Doug’s table that he told Doug not to rush since he’d just gotten off the plane. Michael says he probably flew into BWI, which put him about 45 minutes away. Not 2 minutes later I see a shadow pass behind me and look up to see Doug, in the flesh, walking up to Derek. My heart skipped a beat. Doug said Hi to everyone in line and handed some things to Derek. He then moved behind the table, then came out again with a comic book entitled “Super Capers Back to the Feature”. He told us these are free and he’ll sign them when we get up to the table and explain what they are all about. Then he looked directly in my eyes and says “Hi”. Again, heart skips. OMG!

So there was one couple in front of us and we waited patiently while Doug talked to them. Then it’s my turn. OMG! So shaky! I point out my button and say I’m a Fan Sapien. So Doug says, “What’s your name?” and I say “Noelle” and he says something to the effect of “Oh, I know Noelle. I’ve been waiting for you”. OMG! So Doug came around the table to give me a hug (the first of many for the day). Then I get my first Bosie and thankfully Michael captured the moment on video.


Doug asks if I’ve seen Carly and I tell him she’s downstairs and will be up soon. He then remarks on my “Fan Sapien in Training” button, acknowledging that there is Love then commenting about the “in training” saying “Doesn’t take that much”. He then gently cradles my face in his hands saying I’m precious and he wants to shake me like a little baby. During this whole time I have a stupid grin on my face (as seen in the video) but I can’t help it as it is just so wonderful to be called “precious” by Doug. I gave Doug the Kit Kat I brought for him telling him Helen told us to tell him to eat. He called me “sweet pea” and hugged me again. I then gave him the poem I wrote inspired by his mime “The Gift”. Doug read my poem and seemed genuinely touched. He said it meant a lot to him that I took the time to do that. He gave me yet another hug. I introduce my brother-in-law, who also gets a hug and a great picture with Doug.

Doug then moved behind the table to sign our pictures and the comic book, which I only now realize he didn’t explain, although he signs as “Agent Smith #1” so I’m guessing it’s another movie/voice role he did. Michael and I chose the same photo for him to sign, it’s a picture of Hellboy and Abe during the famous singing scene in Hellboy II (as a Ronnette [A Ron Perlman fan - Ed.] I had to get a pic with Big Red and this is my favorite scene in the film). Doug signs “I can’t smile without Noelle”. Doug then introduced us to his friend Monica, whom he’s known since they were 14 and she also knew about us coming (how special do I feel now). Michael tells Doug he was so glad he got to use his own voice in Hellboy II and that he wished he’d gotten to voice The Silver Surfer as well. I honestly can’t recall Doug’s responses to this as I was so in awe watching him and radiating from the hugs that I just didn’t process what he said. Before we left, however, Doug told us that Carly was planning a Sunday Breakfast, which is something he likes to do when Fan Sapiens show up … more specialness. He asked if we’ll be staying around and tells us to come back when the line goes down saying “We’re not done yet” … more feeling special. We then surrender Doug to his other fans and I fairly glide out of the room.

I immediately called my Mom to gush about Doug, forgetting she is at the dentist and having to leave a message. So then I called my sister and gushed incessantly. While I’m on the phone I spot Carly and her entourage and caught up with them. We get back in line for Doug with Carly and the gang. Monica comes by to say Hi to Carly, whom she saw at DragonCon. Monica is from this area and she helped to plan the Sunday Breakfast. She seemed as sweet as Doug and is very pleasant. While in line my Mom returns my call and I gushed more. Eventually we reached the table and Doug immediately goes to Carly, which Michael again captured on video.


This included a humorous moment where Doug poses than says “This is video, right” and he goes on to explain how he always does this, posing for video than wondering why they don’t take the picture. Carly introduced Doug to her friends and more hugging ensues. Once again Doug told us to come back later in the afternoon.

The six of us move off to meet two other celebrities, Danny Trejo and Jason Mewes, both of whom were also very nice. By now we were all hungry, so Carly’s friend locates a Quiznos in her GPS and we head over to get something to eat.

After lunch we returned to hang out at Doug’s table. I noticed he was eating the Kit Kats I brought (again … special). There is a break in the line where we got more hugs and Doug offered us some trail mix. We told him we just had lunch and he says he hasn’t, but that he doesn’t really want anything. (We have to work on getting this man to eat). He does have a handful of trail mix which he barely got down before more fans showed up. So I took a stray seat next to Doug’s table and we just hung out and chatted in between the throngs of fans. Again, more specialness! At one point Carly’s boyfriend (ok, can you tell by now I have not gotten anyone else’s name … so sorry Carly’s boyfriend, Carly’s friend and Carly’s friend’s boyfriend … I’m horrible with names) … Anyway, Carly’s boyfriend asked Doug if he knows how many Kit Kats it would take, stretched end to end, to reach the moon. Doug’s response “More than I’ve eaten in my lifetime.” Carly’s boyfriend explained that Michele had said at DragonCon that they should just hang around and ask Doug random questions. So Michael asked Doug what he’d do for a Klondike bar. Doug’s response … hold on to yourself girls …. he’d take off his pants and run around the room in his briefs! I turn to Michael and say, “Get a Klondike bar quick!!” Carly told Doug he’d have a lot of happy Fan Sapiens if he did that. Doug says this shows how much he likes Klondike bars. Carly’s friend’s boyfriend says, “Or you just like running around in your underwear." We can dream ladies.

A few other things stand out from the hour or so we hung out with Doug. One was when a woman walked by with a Gargoyle on a leash. Yes, you read that right! The woman on the leash was made up to look like a Gargoyle. It was obviously a professional job as the makeup and costume were incredible. The lady holding the leash says that the Gargoyle has carved Doug’s name into her arm so she thinks she wants a picture. Doug says “As long as nothing gets carved into me”. The Gargoyle then unfurls its wings … no lie … they actually unfurled … it reminded me of the Angel of Death in Hellboy. Doug took a couple of pictures, one pose where he looked terrified and one where he is standing with his arm around the Gargoyle, his hand resting on the wing. Several other people, including Michael, took the picture also. (Michael had to use his phone as we’d left the camera in the car).

At another time Derek Mears, who played Jason in Friday the 13th, stopped by the table. He was joking with Doug about how there were people around and so he couldn’t hurt him. I said he could but we’d have to beat him up. We explained about the Fan Sapiens and he jokingly looked afraid and said he wouldn’t do anything. He also admired the Abe Sapien figure that Doug had on the table. Derek said he thought the Jason figure was bigger, then wondered what it’d be like if they had the two figures fighting. Derek seemed like a very nice man, so unlike his character.

So by now it was nearly 4pm and Michael and I had to leave to meet my sister for dinner. I interrupt Doug before his next fan and told him we have to go. More hugs (of course). Doug also made sure we set the time and place for breakfast the next day before we left. What a sweet guy. We said goodbye to Carly and the gang and departed. As we’re driving away Michael says, “How cool is it to go to a convention, meet a celebrity, and then get to have breakfast with him the next day.” So very cool!

So, I'll write more after breakfast tomorrow. Now, I have to try to come back to earth so I can get some sleep.

So we had breakfast today with Doug. The training wheels have come off ... I am a full fledged Fan Sapien now ... I love this man!

So we arrive at Bob Evans early, again. This time my sister Chrissy was with us. We gave the hostess a heads up that we’d have 9 people for breakfast and waited. Carly and the gang arrived next and hugs and introductions were exchanged. Finally Doug and Monica arrived. We looked like paparazzi with flash bulbs going off as Doug entered the restaurant. Doug hugged everyone. I introduced my sister and she got her first Dougie hug. He actually introduced himself to her as “Dougie”. As we made our way to our table Doug mentioned that he just let himself be led around. He said he just rolls out of bed and goes where they tell him to.

Our party consisted of Myself, my sister Chrissy, my brother-in-law Michael, Carly, Carly’s boyfriend Matt, Carly’s friend Erin and her boyfriend Josh, (I made sure to get the names before we left so I could actually address them this time) and of course Doug and his friend Mocina (aka Monica but Doug has been switching the n and the c for years).

I won’t be quite as detailed with this report as I can’t really remember all the details of the conversation, but I will point out some key points.

First of all Doug actually ate! He had a big bowl of Oatmeal with cranberries. So he does eat on occasion. He also mentioned going to Outback for dinner last night. Before we let him go we tried to tell him to eat lunch but he brushed off the idea. Carly gave him “the look” on behalf of Helen and told him to eat and sleep. Monica said in 35 years she has not been able to get him to eat so we probably won’t have much luck. At least he had a good breakfast.

Chrissy asked several questions about Doug professionally and personally. She asked him what he likes to do when he’s not acting and he said he was doing it (awww). He said he loves to sit at a Starbucks twirling and sipping a cup of coffee and catching up with people he doesn’t get to see too often. She asked about the amount of traveling he does and he said this year it’s been a lot of short hops. He compared “the con circuit” to being a rock star going from city to city.

When talking about this Doug mentioned Mrs. Laurie and how she really isn’t into the whole frantic con scene. He also mentioned that Mrs. Laurie is having gall bladder surgery on October 1. So we have to rev up the prayers/good thoughts machine and send them her way!

Chrissy also asked him about upcoming projects and he mentioned most of the ones we all know about. Then he dropped a bombshell … he filmed a pilot for a new reality/competition series called “Doug Jones’ Monster School”! A weekly series, can you imagine! Doug said they initially wanted him to host, judge, and give the contestants advice and such. Doug said he didn’t want to do all that and he didn’t want to be the one to send anyone home, so he cut it all down to just hosting. So Doug will be the one to introduce the show and wish the contestants luck and such. In the pilot Camden Toy was the one to offer advice and they’ll have guest judges from the industry every week. Doug doesn’t know exactly where this will go yet, but we all thought it would be a cool show.

I knew the girls in the Tunnels [The famous Ron Perlman message board at Del Toro Films - Ed.] would never forgive me if I didn’t ask Doug about what it was like working with Ron. He said Ron is a lot like Hellboy in his personality. He said Ron is a sweet guy but he can be a bit gruff sometimes. Although he said most often when Ron is gruff it’s when he is protecting someone he loves. He said Ron is a great guy but gets a bit “Big Dog” when defending people. He said Ron was a “Big Brother” to him and was always telling him he was too nice. He said if anyone tried to take advantage of him Ron would start “barking”. What a good Big Brother Ron is!

After breakfast we took more pictures and Doug recorded a brief message for all the Fan Sapiens.We all got more hugs!


Doug called me “sweet pea” again. (By the way, can this be my puppy name? If no one else has claimed it, I’d like it. I love when Doug called me this!) We had to let him get back to the con as Mocina said Derek would kill her if she didn’t get Doug back in time. We all waved as they drove off. All in all a wonderful morning. Doug is just such a wonderful, kind, generous, funny man. I’m hooked!

Noelle Sinck
New Jersey, September 27th, 2009

© 2009 Noelle Sinck. All rights reserved.



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