Director: Scott Charles Stewart


Dennis Quaid ... Bob Hanson
Paul Bettany ... Michael
Kevin Durand ... Gabriel
Lucas Black ... Jeep Hansen

And ...

Doug Jones ...Ice Cream Man


When the world is suddenly cast into darkness, a group of eleven strangers find themselves stranded at a desert diner and band together in order to battle a horde of demonic creatures bent on fulfilling an age-old prophecy that would unleash Hell on Earth.

Produced by Bold Films, the special makeup FX are being created by creature shop Optic Nerve, with costume design by Wendy Partridge who worked on Blade II and Hellboy. Doug began filming 6th May, 2008, for a week in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A. The film is is being released in the U.S.A. on January 22nd, 2010.



On location for LEGION ~ Doug talks about the Ice Cream Man



TV Spot ~ The Ice Cream Man




Green Band Trailer



Red Band Trailer (Mature audiences only)

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