Matt Stefiuk (Actor from Ottawa, ON. Canada) travels to Los Angeles

3rd December, 2005

My name is Matthew Stefiuk and I am a 24-year-old up-and-coming actor who currently resides in Canada. After growing a little tired of the chilly weather The Great White North had to offer I decided to make a little trip to L.A. happen on November 29th 2005.

Now I have been in contact via email with Mr. Doug Jones for quite some time, getting updates on how his career is moving along and chatting about pretty much everything. I decided to contact Doug when I landed in L.A. His Manager was nice enough to pass along my message to him!

So there I am, sitting at Hooters eating wings and enjoying life and my phone rings and it's Doug Jones!!!! I nearly passed out with excitement!

Doug then invites me to a costume fitting he was going to at the ... breath ... breeeeaaath ... STAN WINSTON STUDIOS!!!!!

Man oh man was that a dream come true! While Doug was getting fitted in a super cool robot costume for an upcoming commercial he landed I was exploring the studio (but I was extremely careful not to touch anything!) with my jaw constantly having to be picked up off the floor.

I saw sooooo many awesome things and finally got to hang out with one of my favourite movie characters Abe Sapien, and it's all thanks to the super cool SUPER kind Doug Jones.

I had a blast and thank you so so so so so much for taking the time to pick me up and take me along to your costume fitting, it was unreal!

Sincerely, Matt Stefiuk

December 15th, 2005


Matt and friend

Copyright © 2005 Matt Stefiuk. All rights reserved.

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