"I have focused on finding Beauty in my life that begged the moment just to be captured and held. Long ago, I sought first to learn how to do this in 1972, with a great awareness that each camera click captures exactly one precious irrefutable moment of Time. The ensuing photographs are Memories, pieces of a greater whole to be cherished and preserved with the Heart.

My next challenge was to find a way to share this with others, so that they could also hold tangible reminders, something to give them Joy or perhaps a smile after a hard day. After some considerable experimentation this way and that, I finally discovered sublimation Art Tiles. These can be done in a variety of sizes & styles from miniature (2”) to very large (12“), and even multi-tiled image murals, in many different materials including glass & stone, however I have found that what most people like best is the 4" x 4” square Ceramic Tiles.

I can do these from photographs or hand-drawn art or even the written word, whatever is most important to the person requesting it. It is done by transferring the imagery to the Tile medium by heating up special inks to about 500 degrees until they vaporise and become one with the molecules of the Tile, resulting in a permanent and gently washable bonding whole when cooled. These can then be displayed for viewing, used as coasters or incorporated into other projects. I usually allow myself 3-4 weeks to do one of these keepsake pieces as I know each is special to the recipient.

And, as someone very special once told me, There’s Love."

Micky Turner
September, 2009


If you would like to commission a tile or a pendant from Micky, you can contact her at (If you don't have Outlook Express, just copy and paste Micky's address)

Micky and a copy of the tile she gave to Doug as a gift


Micky and Abe

Micky's beautiful tile pendant

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