Written by Scott Allen Perry & Adam Mock
Modeled by Doug Jones
Photography by Eric Curtis

Foreword by Josh 'Ponceman' Perry



COVER DESIGN ~ April, 2010

© 2010 Medallion Press. All rights reserved



St. Charles, Illinois—January 22, 2010—Medallion Press Inc. is thrilled to announce that actor Doug Jones (Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, Hellboy II, 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Legion), has signed on to model for the release of a nonfiction, comedic coffee table book titled Mime Very Own Book (December 2011). Doug Jones will reprise his role as a mime in this quiet, introspective look into life as a silent emoter. Photographing this project is Hollywood photographer Eric Curtis. Independent filmmaker and funny man Scott Allen Perry (a.k.a. SAP) is writing the book along with chemically imbalanced Medallion Media Group president, Adam Mock. Josh “Ponceman” Perry (Retarded Policeman, Free Radio personality) will mime the foreword.

Mime Very Own Book will leave you speechless. It’s a hilarious, visual smorgasbord of some of life’s most awkward moments. It’s an eclectic mix of pop culture, social commentary, and parodies of fairy-tale favorites filled with witty prose.

Reminiscent of the hit television show Seinfeld or classic newspaper comic strip The Far Side, Mime Very Own Book is a poignant and relevant commentary on humanity that still manages to be about nothing. The creators are convinced you’ll hate this book as much as you hate mimes!

Words can’t describe the feeling you’ll have after reading Mime Very Own Book!

Mime Very Own Book – Trade (December 2011) ISBN 9781605422558 Price: $24.95 U.S. $27.95 CDN
Booksellers may purchase through IPG www.ipgbook.com or H.B. Fenn www.hbfenn.com.

About Doug Jones:
A 2009 Fangoria Horror Hall of Fame inductee, he’s probably the most famous person you’ve never seen. After a twenty-three-year career under heavy makeup, but in such memorable roles as the goofy zombie Billy Butcherson in Hocus Pocus, Doug Jones was thrust to the forefront as the blue fish-man sidekick Abe Sapien in Hellboy. He took this kind of work to new heights with his award-nominated dual role as Pan and the Pale Man in the multi-Oscar-winning Pan’s Labyrinth. He also played the Silver Surfer in 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and three roles, including his multi-award-nominated performance reprising Abe Sapien, in Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Critics have loved his TV guest work in the highly praised “Skin & Bones” episode of NBC’s Fear Itself, as the lead gentleman in Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s “Hush” episode, and in episodes of CSI and Criminal Minds. He has made several film appearances using his own flexible face, including the upcoming indie release of My Name Is Jerry. Be looking for more of Doug’s epic, costumed character work in 2010’s Legion and the French biopic Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life.

About Eric Curtis:
Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Eric moved to California after college and lives in LA. He has been a professional photographer for ten years. Eric has photographed such Hollywood notables as David Lynch, Danny Glover, and Jami Lynn Seigler (The Sopranos), along with rocker Tommy Lee, the bands My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park, and rapper Method Man. Eric’s unique approach to photography emphasizes bringing studio lighting to the outside world, which allows him to dictate the terms of the world he’s shooting. His Web site is www.ericcurtisphoto.com.

About Scott Allen Perry and Adam Mock:
Scott Allen Perry (a.k.a. SAP) has made a name for himself in the independent film world starting with his debut film, Side Effects (2002). The film has had a successful festival run, including screenings at the 2002 Taos Talking Pictures Film Festival, Cinequest, and the Nashville Independent Film Festival. Side Effects has received rave reviews and garnered several awards, including best short film and the grand jury prize at the 2002 deadCENTER Film Festival.

Scott was selected as one of ten finalists in the 2003 Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival sponsored by Chrysler, Hypnotic, and Universal Studios. The result was his second film, 008, which was critically acclaimed and has been featured in film festivals throughout North America. His third film, Perfect Couple (2004), was made for the 2003 Los Angeles 24 Hour Film Project. The entire film was written, shot, and edited in the span of twenty-four hours and swept the competition, winning best film, best director, best actress, and a nomination for best actor. Scott is also the writer/director of the hilarious documentary The Outdoorsmen: Blood, Sweat, & Beers, as well as MC Outdoorz, Bobbi’s Bedroom, Retarded Policeman (co-writer/director), and tons o’ goodies on the Perryboys’ YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/ponceman.

Adam Mock has been with Medallion Press since 2004. He began his publishing career as art director for Medallion and currently serves as the president and creative director for the newly formed Medallion Media Group. He’s mad with ADD and uses his mind-forever-voyaging to bring himself hours of amusement . . . usually at the expense of others.

About Josh “Ponceman” Perry:
And what of the one they call Ponceman? Despite the challenges accompanying Down Syndrome in a world where people make judgments without any real knowledge of those they judge, nothing has stopped the Ponceman on his quest to become an actor. Comedy goo oozes from his pores. He bleeds wit and weeps tears of pure ha-ha-larity. He is an actor with subtle/sledgehammer performances, playing such characters as the Retarded Policeman, MC Outdoorz’s sidekick DJ Ponce, and the hot, foxy, easy-on-the-eyes, and easy in general Poncietta. And the drama has been kickin’ too. His performance in the short film Wunderkammer, which premiered at Sundance 2009, has brought him accolades from audiences and peers alike.

About Medallion Press Inc.:
Medallion Press Inc. is a genre fiction and nonfiction publisher dedicated to creating the highest quality product, both inside and out.

For more information, visit www.medallionpress.com.

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