30th April, 2011
The Silent Movie Theatre,
611, North Fairfax Avenue,
Los Angeles, California 90048, USA



Doug joined fans at a packed-out special screening of HELLBOY during the Cinefamily: Mondo Superhero Event at the beautiful Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles, and did a Q & A after the film.

Doug was also joined by Fan Sapiens Anoray and Siofelia, and Anoray sent The Doug Jones Experience her report of the evening.


By Anoray

'Way back in October of 2008, I rented the DVD's for HELLBOY and HELLBOY II, two movies I'd really wanted to see on the big screen (but simply couldn't get to due to being a mommy of two very young boys at the time of their theatrical release). Before I sat down to view them, I had no idea how much impact these movies would have on me! Not only was I inspired to get back to writing by Guillermo del Toro's unique brand of fantasy/horror, but I absolutely adored the character of 'Abe Sapien' so much, I had to find out more about that tall, skinny guy behind the mask

Over the past two and one-half years, I've been blessed to meet and become friends with our dear, lovable, Delicious Dougie. It's hard to believe I've had the wonderful fortune of sharing his company on so many memorable occasions. On top of all that, I'm totally grateful for all the kindness and friendship that's been bestowed upon me by the fabulous HM [Webmaster Helen: Ed.], and a Tankful of delightful Fan Sapiens!

Needless to say, the chance to see HELLBOY on the big screen with Dougie in the audience, plus enjoy a Q&A afterward was an event I did not want to miss! I want to thank all the Fishies out there who wished Siofelia (Sianna) and me good thoughts on getting to the screening on time, etc. Thanks to your good vibes, I found Siofelia right away at the uber busy Glendale Galleria, then we encountered only light traffic on the way to The Silent Movie Theater. For anyone who lives in the SoCal area, you probably know Los Feliz Boulevard is pretty much a parking lot most of the time ... but miraculously not last night, yay! Not only did we get to the destination with time to spare, we (amazingly) found a nearby parking spot, too. Poor Siofelia had worked right up to 7 pm and never had lunch--but wouldn't you know, we found a food truck selling tasty goodies parked right in front of the theater. I think our guardian angels were working overtime for us, LOL!

I've never been to The Silent Movie Theater before, and it is quite the eclectic little theater. The first two rows are actually made up of couches, then the rest of the seats are like old fashioned folding chairs with cushions. I don't think the place holds more than 125-150 people. So it was a nice, intimate setting. The HELLBOY screening was part of a "Superheroes Marathon Weekend" event, so when we walked in to find a seat, they were playing cartoons like "Screw On Head" (which immediately made me think of Kusanivy and her Amazing Dougie Screw On Head she made, heee!) and old "Spider-Man" episodes. Not long after we sat down, we saw Dougie and the absolutely adorable "Matty Cakes" (Matt Gonos, a very cute and sweet puppy boy who specializes in making creature teeth and is all of 21), enter from the back. We all waved at each other as Dougie got closer. Siofelia and I saw right away that Dougie was wearing the BPRD t-shirt Siofelia had made for him back at the Anaheim con. So sweet! We shared more smiles and gesticulations. Right about that time, the host started a trivia quiz contest, but Dougie gestured with more of his amazing Silent Language skills that he would move nearer to us soon.

Dougie and Siofelia, Doug wearing the special B.P.R.D. teeshirt made for him by Siofelia.

During the trivia contest, one of the questions was: "What was the name of Doug Jones' character in a series of McDonald's commercials?" The first guy they picked thought it was the Hamburgler, but then I got called on -- and you and I all know the right answer to that one For my Dougie devotion, I won a huge black box chock full of items for the upcoming GREEN LANTERN movie (toys, rings, etc.) ... and let me tell you, my boys were very happy campers to find all the goodies the next morning, LOL!.

After the contest, the host introduced Dougie and he talked for a short while about his acting experiences and how he wound up being involved in HELLBOY. The host was curious about Dougie's background as a mime (and contortionist abilities), so Dougie promised to treat us to a bit of his contortions later.

After he left the front stage area, Dougie and Matty moved into two empty seats that were (thank you again, guardian angels) available in front of me and Siofelia. Dougie gave us some lovely head pets and hugs before the movie started. I then had the extreme pleasure of watching HELLBOY with Dougie only two feet away. Every now and then, he would turn and whisper some tidbit about the movie to us, such as it was GdT himself who did the voice of Ivan (the corpse Hellboy yanks out of his crypt to give them guidance to Rasputin's tomb). It was almost surreal to see sweet, supple Abe emote up on screen, then look slightly down to find Dougie's head in silhouette. It was truly a dream come true and I so wish more of you could have been there to share the experience!!!

I hadn't seen HELLBOY in quite awhile, so got a big refresher, along with the joy of fantastic little details I could never see well on the smaller, TV screen. Afterward, Dougie came back up to the front and told interesting stories about his experience working on HELLBOY (all of which we are very familiar with so I won't repeat them here). I have to say, though, it's always funny hearing about how Dougie grabbed Ron Perlman's butt during a scene by accident! True to his word, Dougie also treated us to not only one leg behind his head, but two! He even rotated himself around in a full circle while in pretzel mode

When Dougie was asked what has been his most uncomfortable costume to date, he said the 'Mother Bug' from BUG BUSTER, hands down. He had us all laughing with his description of the hideous 'Mother Bug' and the movie itself (not one of his favorites, I'll leave it at that). Indeed, Dougie always jokes that no one ever knows about or has ever seen BUG BUSTER. Needless to say, all of us, including Dougie, were thus totally stunned when the theater played footage from a trailer for BUG BUSTER right at the end of the Q&A! They'd dug it up from somewhere during his talk, LOL! This got Dougie and all of us laughing gleefully when we got to see the infamous 'Mother Bug' at last!! This was followed by several of the Mac Tonight commercials, so you can rest assured, the evening ended on a humorous note.

Dougie, as always, had many people who wanted to say hello and wish him well, but he made sure to spend as much time as he could with me and Siofelia. Many BOSIES were given and received for HM, TigerLaur, SillyKris, Mixie, EVERYONE!! He sent his greetings to The Tank and showered Siofelia and I with loads of love, huggles, face pats ... or, as 'Hellboy' would say, "the woiks." Dougie even managed to sneak away to the lobby with us to get a couple of pictures to commemorate the evening. It was all wonderful, but we finally had to release him back to the others so they could have a turn. Phooey! After a final round of Dougie squeezies, Siofelia and I headed back toward home, marveling at the fun we'd had this evening and how nice it had been to share such a unique experience with Dougie together.

After I dropped Siofelia off, I mused over all that has happened in the span of time since first becoming a Fan Sapien. I thank Dougie and my Fishsters for being such a big part of a time of great change for me. I don't know what the future may hold, but in the here and now, there is definitely Love!


Los Angeles, California
30th April, 2011

© 2011 Anoray. All rights reserved.


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