'Mystery men' poster

Director: Kinka Usher

Ben Stiller ...Mr. Furious

William H. Macy ... The Shoveller
Hank Azaria ... The Blue Rajah
Janeane Garofalo ... The Bowler
Paul Reubens ... The Spleen
Geoffrey Rush ... Casanova Frankenstein
Kel Mitchell ... Invisible Boy
Wes Studi ... The Sphinx
Doug Jones ... Pencilhead


In order to generate more endorsement revenue, Champion City's resident superhero Captain Amazing arranges for the release of supervillian Casanova Frankenstein, only to be captured by him. The city's fate rests in the hands of seven loser superhero wannabees: the fork-flinging Blue Rajah, the shovel-wielding Shoveler, the possessed bowling ball-hurling Bowler, the flatulent Spleen, the only-when-nobody's-looking Invisible Boy, the mysterious Sphinx, and the perpetually-angry Mr. Furious.

Screen captures from 'Mystery Men'

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