Director: Sunny Peabody


Anthony Tyler Quinn ... Christian
Doug Jones ... John


The Narrow Road is a feature-length film adaptation of John Bunyan’s classic Christian tale, The Pilgrim’s Progress.

First published in 1678, The Pilgrim’s Progress has been called the greatest allegory ever written. The novel is a classic and has sold millions of copies and been translated into over a hundred languages.

This powerful, epic story chronicles the journey of a pilgrim in search of salvation from impending doom. Christian, the pilgrim and the story’s protagonist, must travel an obstacle-filled road wrought with interesting, passionate, and even wicked characters on his road to the beautiful Celestial City. The book is a clear allegory of the Christian life and deals with deep theological issues in a simple and powerful way. Audiences that love the book for its message, its simplicity, and its adventure will likely also love this film that remains true to Bunyan’s original story. Modern cinematic techniques will be used to set the film in a “dreamlike” world, as Bunyan imagined the story, with historical period settings reflecting a fantastic medieval era.


PRESS RELEASE ~ July 11th, 2010

The Narrow Road team is thrilled to announce that Anthony Tyler Quinn has agreed to terms to star in The Narrow Road’s leading role, CHRISTIAN.

Mr. Quinn brings a wealth of experience to The Narrow Road, having a prominent film and television career spanning more than three decades and being featured in roles on hit shows such as Boy Meets World, Melrose Place, Party of Five, and recent hit series such as House M.D., The Mentalist, and Cold Case, to name a few. Mr. Quinn also recently starred as the lead in the nationally distributed Christian independent feature film, No Greater Love, and will appear in the upcoming feature films, A Christmas Snow and Greyscale.

Mr. Quinn will be joining our cast alongside fantasy film legend, Doug Jones, who enthusiastically signed on to the project in late 2009 after reading the Narrow Road script feeling a connection to the prominent supporting character, JOHN. Mr. Jones has appeared in more than 60 films and television shows including Pan’s Labyrinth, the Hellboy movies, and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

The Narrow Road team is thrilled to have this dream cast attached to our project at this early stage and our director, Sunny Peabody, can’t wait to work with such talented and experienced actors!

We will continue to keep you posted on our progress as we press on in our quest for project financing. Our film has recently been pre-approved for Arizona’s state production incentive for motion picture production, and we believe that this generous tax incentive, worth up to 30% of our qualified production costs, will really help to incentivize potential investors who can see the value in this guaranteed partial return on their investment.

Please continue to pray for our progress in this journey, and as always, thank you so much for all of your support!


Erik Yeager, Producer

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