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29th October, 2004

Doug and wife Laurie attended a special screening of A Series of Small Things at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, Orange County, L.A. Check out pictures of the event here

The premiere of A Series of Small Things took place on Sunday, October 24th, 2004, at the Raleigh Studios, Hollywood. Check out our exclusive report from roving reporter Sharon Bridge! Find out more about producer/director/actor Phil Donlon's extraordinary short film here. There is even a glimpse behind the scenes ...

OFFICIAL SITE for A Series of Small Things

15th October, 2004

Doug and fellow actor Hunter Austin hit Canton, South Dakota after a crazy but fun road trip! They spoke to a drama class at Canton High School, and even had the time to speak at the church.

12th October, 2004

Doug's episode of Wanda Does It aired on Comedy Central at 10:30pm Pacific Time. Here's a glimpse ...

5th October , 2004

Doug attended the launch of 'Femme Fatale' Magazine at Club Good Hurt, Los Angeles with Camden Toy, Doug's fellow 'Gentleman' from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode HUSH. Here are a couple of thumbnail pictures ...

September 2004

Margie Anne Clarke, contributing writer for Elite Magazine of Santa Clarita, California, tracked down its resident movie star, Mister Doug Jones, and nabbed an interview - so click here to find out what Doug had to say!

August 2004

Robin Parrish of FUSE Magazine talked to Doug about his career as an actor - and discusses, among other things, how Doug reconciles his Christianity with some of the roles he plays. Go here to read an extract, then go to the link to read the entire interview.

August 2004

Doug was interviewed by ALUMNUS Magazine of Ball State University, Indiana, where he talked about his student days as BSU's basketball mascot, Charlie Cardinal. Go here to find out more!

20th August 2004

Doug has been cast as 'Imps' in the new big-budget video-game-to-movie translation of DOOM, based on the phenomenally successful video game DOOM 3. He spoke live on radio about his involvement in the project on VGXtreme.

Listen to Doug's interview here

Go to the DOOM news page on Doug's Filmography page here

13th August, 2004

Doug talked about the challenges facing a Christian actor in Hollywood at the Chinese Christian Alliance Church in California. In the audience was fan Roger Cheng, who kindly allowed The Doug Jones Experience to post both his wonderful pictures and his words. Check them out here

August 6th through to September, 2004


To celebrate the arrival of HELLBOY in UK cinemas, comic book store FORBIDDEN PLANET, Shaftesbury Ave., London, had a display of costumes from the film including Doug's Abe body suit.
Check out the picture here


31st July , 2004


Doug joined Hellboy star Ron Perlman, director Guillermo del Toro, DVD creator Javier Soto and Spectral Motion's Mike Elizalde to promote the newly-released 2-disc Special Edition Hellboy DVD at the Golden Apple Comic Store on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles
. Check out the pictures here

13th June, 2004

Doug was a guest at the International Makeup Artists Trade Show, where he joined the entire make-up team of HELLBOY. Dougie said "[It was] such a blast, and the audience made me feel so good with lots of applause, many autograph requests, and several 'can I get a picture with you?' FLASH's!!" Check out the pictures here.

May 23rd to 1st June, 2004

Dougie was in Chicago filming an independent feature for director/actor Phil Donlon, called A Series of Small Things. Phil very kindly gave permission for photographs from on the set and from the film to be included here on The Doug Jones Experience. Keep checking in, as there will be more information to come in due course. Check out the Behind the Scenes page for some images of Doug on-set!

14th April, 2004

Doug visited Brave New World Comics to promote HELLBOY, meet fans, sign just about everything and also climb an extension ladder.

5th April, 2004

HELLBOY hits Number One at the box office on its opening weekend in the U.S.A. with a $23.5 million gross!!!

30th March, 2004

Doug hit the red carpet with co-stars Ron Perlman, Selma Blair and Rupert Evans, and director Guillermo del Toro at the HELLBOY premiere in Westwood. For pictures on the red carpet and of the post-premiere party, visit the Premieres page.

27th March, 2004

Doug attended the Sci Fi Summit Convention at Pasadena, joining co-star Ron Perlman, director/writer Guillermo del Toro and writer of HELLBOY Mike Mignola for a Q & A session and to meet fans. For pictures , visit the Conventions page.

23rd March, 2004

Doug interviewed by NewsLink Indiana. Look out for the cool video clips - but if you can't access the link, there is a screen capture gallery for you to enjoy here!

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