Directed by Douglas Clayton

Where once they picked cotton, this Okie family must learn to harvest a new crop: the crop of despair!

Left to right: Tubby (Doug Jones), Foreman Jones (Jeff Markle), Pa (Ryan Shively), Tom (Zack Diestler) and Ma (McKerrin Kelly)

The Sacred Fools Theater Company


Doug Jones Remembers ... The Okie Chronicles

It is a weekly short play competition with 5 pieces under 10 minutes each with the audience voting on which 3 will continue their story on the following Saturday. Ours was one of the new contenders, and apparently we brought the house down, winning a slot to continue. Our snippet is called "The Okie Chronicles" (a Grapes Of Wrath take-off) and I played 'Tubby', a dim, studdering hillbilly who can't read, but loves to beat on people with his bat.


Doug Jones

Los Angeles, April 27th, 2006


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