Aired 7th August, 1998
Episode #4.19

Director: Jeff Woolnough


Liza Caine ... Natalie Grainger
David Cubitt ... Curtis Grainger
Robert Picardo ... Emmet Harley

Doug Jones ... Alien/Alien Doctor

An archeological team has just about given up on finding anything significant in this remote corner of Alaska when Natalie Grainger stumbles upon what appears to be a burial mound. Inside, the team discovers a number of human skeletons, including one dressed in a strange metallic tunic and preserved in an amber cocoon. When Natalie's husband, Curtis, touches the cocoon, something amazing happens. He begins to see through the eyes of the creature whose bones were contained in amber, an alien with fearsome claws and teeth. This psychic connection also provides a jolt of energy that liquefies the cocoon and initiates the reconstitution of flesh on the alien's bones. As the creature begins to come back to life, some of the team, including Emmet Harley want to call in a big corporate lab in order to cash in on their discovery. When Natalie and Curtis refuse, afraid that their discovery will be exploited by others, Emmet pulls a gun and things get nasty. Natalie and Curtis are out-gunned and outnumbered. Or are they?

Doug Jones as the Alien

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