10/18/2005 Doug has shot his final scene, and as of 17th October, the film has wrapped and gone into post-production.

08/29/2005 Doug flies out to Madrid, Spain, to join the cast of PAN'S LABYRINTH. He will be filming through September to mid/late October.

06/27/2005 Information coming through from our friend on the spot 'Jesús Gris':

By the way, the Pan's Labyrinth shooting will begin the next July 11th, not 4th, and Galicia has been discarded. Madrid Sierra and Segovia will be the locations.

Thanks Jesús!!

Also, Doug heads out today to Barcelona for a week for final fittings and make-up tests with DDT Efectos Especiales.

06/05/2005 GdT came onto the message forum at Del Toro Films to answer questions from fans, and this is what he had to say about PAN'S LABYRINTH;

It has been a VERY difficult prep but I am seeing some great creature stuff -we invented a new “leg system” for Pan that - to my knowledge- has never been tried before. The cast is now complete: Sergi Lopes (WITH A FRIEND LIKE HARRY), Maribel Verdú (Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN), Doug Jones (You know him) Alex Angulo (DAY OF THE BEAST), Ariadna Gil (Belle Epoque) and Ivana Baquero (ROMASANTA).

Finally, Pan´s Labyrinth goes into production. First it was April, then June, now July -

I have been dreaming of this for almost a year and now, the time is here to tell the story or elemental creatures and faceless monsters against the background of post-war Spain. Wish me luck and don´t expect many updates - unless something massive happens- until post.

See ya in the October Country


04/27/2005 Filming is set to begin 4th July 2005 in Galicia, northern Spain.

04/25/2005 Some web reports on Doug's casting as 'Pan' in PAN'S LABYRINTH: aintitcoolNews;; Dread Central; CHUD;, and for Spanish-speaking fans, Las Horas Perdidas

04/17/2005 Doug has signed to play the role of 'Pan' in PAN'S LABYRINTH. Creature designs are by DDT Efectos Especiales, and Doug will be undergoing fittings in Barcelona for the role this month. Filming is set to begin in July 2005.



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