17th & 18th October, 2009

D.C.U. Center & Palladium,
Worcester, Massachusetts,


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I met Mr. Jones last year at another convention; I even have another blog on this site about it. Meeting him again was a spectacular chance for me. Seeing him the first time had me so star-struck that I hardly talked, I just gawked at him like an idiot as he kindly talked to me. So I was hoping to be able to actual talk to him this time, like I wanted to before.

I waited at his table all prepped and ready to say things like "You’re my favorite person, your work is absolutely phenomenal, I’ve seen almost everything you’ve been in." And most importantly, I wanted to tell him that I hope he never has a moment where he questions whether he has made a difference in the world, or in peoples' lives, because that is an area where he should always feel secure.

Speaking from personal experience and from what I’ve heard from others, Doug Jones is just one of those people who can make people believe in angels just from meeting him. And it’s amazing what that can do for the quality of peoples' lives. It does wonders for me.

Unfortunately when I got to his table he recognized me from last year and I melted. I spent the rest of the weekend gawking like last year, and he was just as wonderful. So again I couldn’t tell him. Well, maybe next time.

Katy Bowen
November, 2009

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