31st July, 2010
John Calveri Theatre,
73637, Sullivan Road,
Twenty Nine Palms, CA., 92277, U.S.A.




Doug and fellow actor and friend Johnny Francis Wolf were travelling to Colorado to pick up Doug and Laurie's car after it broke down on vacation, and to return the rental car.

Sianna Marie Hoskins, a long-time Fan Sapien, was working as the Lighting Tech for Theatre 29, and this was her first gig. Sianna takes up the tale ...

A bit of background: I’d originally asked only Wolfie to come down [To Theatre 29's final performance of THE PYJAMA GAME - Ed.], as I know how uber busy Dougie is, and figured there’d be no way he’d be able to come.

Then, when I emailed Wolfie on July 16 to remind him about my invitation (as he’d asked me to do), I got a reply back saying, basically, that he’d ‘pick Doug's brain this week’ and ‘see if we can do a road trip’!

“Eeek!”, I thought! Even the possibility of having both Dougie and Wolfie down definitely got my heart to pounding.

So I talked to my friend Frances (she’s not only the Technical Director and Lighting Goddess Extraordinaire, she also happens to be on the Board of Directors for the theatre). She said there shouldn’t be a problem reserving them both tickets for the final show, but that we should try to get a firm answer by Saturday the 24th.

Well, we all know just how easy that is, given the both of their schedules! So I emailed Wolfie to let him know; him emailing me back that he would.

The days passed, with the anticipation of the possibility of seeing them both, mounting. I wasn’t hearing anything from Wolfie, so I decided that if I hadn’t heard anything from him by that Friday, I’d just call him to remind him. Luckily, Frances had said that that would be ok, as we could hold the tickets until then, and if they didn’t have the chance to come, we’d just release the them that Saturday for someone else.

That Wednesday, I got a very mysterious phone call from Wolfie … asking me when exactly was show time; that he couldn’t promise anything, as he and Dougie were going to now be heading for Colorado Friday, to exchange his rental car for his own; that he didn’t want to say anything for certain, but that Dougie let me know what they were planning. Devils, the two of them! The whole conversation was very strange, but sounded very promising that they were going to do their best to make it in time.

The day of the closing show arrived, it finding me checking FB and Twitter for updates from Dougie whilst on the road. From all accounts, it was looking like Fortuna was favoring them making it, at least, by the time the show was just about to start. 6pm finds me at the theatre, doing my pre-show stuff. The hope of seeing them, of having them there, had me alternating between hyperventilating, and trying to concentrate on what I was trying to do to prepare for the show.

Finally! 6:40pm, and they arrive! I’m up in the Light booth, and I hear the sweet, familiar voices of two of my Favorite Men of All Time! I stand up, look down into the theatre, and there they are! Frances was talking to them; I catch her eye; she smiles at me, lets them know I see them, and where I’m at. I move as quickly as my little feet would let me without killing myself, down the stairs, into the main theatre.

There they were! They made it! First hug from Wolfie, with a huge smile on his face. I had a time of it, to not just jump up into his arms, but when he hugged me, he ended up picking me up anyway! Lemme tell ya … he is a fantastic hugger!

And then, there was Dougie …

It was so very good to see him. I seriously had to keep myself from crying, I was so happy to see him, so grateful he wanted to come, that he was actually there. It was like a dream come true! My Beautiful Big Brother, my Mentor, one of my Bestest Friends Ever, was there to share my Big Night! My very first live theatre show, as Lighting Tech.

After a long, wonderful Bosie, he pulls back, looks at me, and says, “My Goodness! You’re one of the most sparkly Lighting Techs I’ve ever seen!” I laughed, as I’d gained a bit of reputation for wearing sparkly glitter strategically placed around my eyes when working my shows. I tend to glam up a bit! I wanted to take more photos, but I was far too busy, between getting ready for the show, and being too excited from having both those Gor-G-Ous Guys there! We literally had but only a few minutes to say hello, exchange hugs and Love, and then we had to get them seated, and start the show.

At intermission, it was more hugs and Love outside the front of the theatre. Frances was out with us, and we were so happy to just be able to gab a bit, and just bask in all our Friendships. The evening was still a bit warm, but mildly breezy, so it was actually rather nice. We reminded them of the Cast party later that night, that they had been invited by the Director to attend as my guests. My asking him if he would be able to was met by his sweet reassurance that he wouldn’t dream of not going with us to it. More heart melting!

Finally, the show was over! I was rather sad, as I’d really come to Love all the cast and crew. It was my very first show, proof that I’d made good on my intent to get into the wonderful world of live theatre and movies. We had decided during intermission that they would just wait with us at the theatre while we broke down the set. We managed to even give them a brief tour of the theatre after. They were able to meet our Director; we visited a bit, exchanging stories of some of the performances, much to the amusement of Dougie & Wolfie, at my expense! I have to say, I thought I was naughty, but I’ve never met such a bunch of ornery naughties!

More wonderfulness was mine, as we’d decided that I’d ride with Dougie and Wolfie so I could help get them back to the house! I even got to hold Zekey [Doug's soft toy dog and travelling companion - Ed.]! I must say, he really is a very Sweet, Good Boy!

At the house, Dougie and Wolfie were able to meet John and Frances’ two daughters, Sapphire and Natasha. The girls had been very excited at the thought of meeting the much talked about Dougie! He got the full family treatment: the girls showed him their pets; then John proudly showed off his Klingon weapons, indulging him in the history behind them. When I went to show him my sword and knife collection, I think I may have caused him a bit of concern, for he looked at me and asked, “Sianna-Love, what are you trying to do, prepare for Armageddon?” I just smiled and explained to him my love of collecting fantasy-type blades. He looked at me, smiled, and shook his head in that indulgent, Big Brotherly way of his.

After a quick change of clothing, it was off to the party! Once again, it was decided that I should ride with them (Lucky Me! *Squee!*) in Dougie’s car, so that if they decided they wanted to make the drive back to LA from the party, they could. More Zekey Love, more Dougie and Wolfie silliness, and I was asked questions about the upcoming movie I’m in.

Finally, we arrive at my Director’s home. Gary Daignault is such a great person, and a very talented Director. He’s as ornery as the day is long, and has a fantastic sense of humor.

I hadn’t told many people about the possibility of Dougie attending our show, as 1. I didn’t want to make any of the cast, who might know of him, nervous, 2. there was still the possibility of him not making it, and 3. I didn’t want to put Dougie in any spotlight. My whole thought was that I wanted it to be a nice, relaxing, fun time for him and Wolfie. There were only about three people in the cast that had read some of my posts on FB about him possibly coming, and I’d sworn them to secrecy, for the above mentioned reasons, in exchange for having a picture taken with him. Knowing how much Dougie loves to take pictures with people, I knew he wouldn’t mind. I Love my friends, and I Love being able to do nice things for them, and not because I want to curry favor.

When we arrived, I didn’t even introduce Dougie as ‘Doug Jones’. I merely did as ‘my friend Dougie from LA’. Both he and Wolfie were instant hits with everyone, and the evening saw them both engaged in one lively conversation after the other.

As the evening wore down, Dougie and Wolfie wrangled me to the couch to talk more about my upcoming movie. I cannot even begin to say what it meant to me to have Dougie take such an interest in it. However, again, I know Dougie; when you have something so huge happening in your life, like this is for me, he’s your biggest fan. It was the first time where I really felt like he was, firstly, my Big Brother, and secondly, a ‘celebrity’. As anyone who’s met him knows, he has a way of making you feel very special, and very confident in yourself, and your abilities. I’ll never be able to thank him enough for the time he took out for me, for this.

At last it was time to say, ‘Adieu!’. The evening was quickly turning into the next day, and ‘The Boys’ had decided they would just head back to LA, foregoing our invitation to crash at our place. I can’t say as I blame them, as they’d been on the road for the last couple of days, and wanted very much to get back to their own beds. They walked me back to Dougie’s car so I could retrieve my purse; more Bosies were exchanged, more promises of keeping in touch, and of me wishing them a safe drive. As I walked to meet up with John and Frances, my head was still spinning from the enormity of that day and evening. As I looked up at the star filled sky, all I could do was grin from ear to ear, and offer up a silent, ‘Thanks Mom & Dad!’

It’s stuff like this that makes my life so wonderful; that I have such incredible fortune to have two such wonderful people as my Big Brothers, and Friends.

Sianna Marie Hoskins,
Twenty Nine Palms, California, U.S.A.
7th August, 2010

© 2010 Sianna Marie Hoskins. All rights reserved.


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