('Sockbaby 4')

Directors: John Soares and Douglas TenNapel


John Soares
Cody Spurlock
Urial Padilla
Douglas TenNapel
John Heder
Dan Heder
Doug Jones ... Himself

Sockbaby is a four-part no-budget short film directed by Douglas TenNapel, the man best known for works such as Earthworm Jim and The Neverhood; and John Soares, who is best known for co-founding the independent film group WestHavenBrook.

The film lampoons kung-fu movies, and directly parodies pop-culture icons like Dragon Ball Z. All of the martial arts were done by the actors themselves, and were directed by Soares.

In addition to the numerous martial arts sequences, the film also features a cartoon sequence in part two and a partial CGI sequence in part three.

The film centers on a character named Ronnie Cordova, a funky martial artist and (possibly) 70's-style detective in a slick leisure suit, played by Soares. The plot mostly involves his quest to get a bite to eat that's thwarted consistently as he must protect a Sockbaby from an evil group of Greys ("demonic men in suits," to quote the official site).

A Message from the Two Dougs (Jones & TenNapel)

Trailer for Episode #4

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