Director: Stefan Haves

Doug Jones ...Len

Christine Deaver ... Lacy
Edward Edwards ... Ward
Dayla Taylor Adams ... Julie
Carla Betz ... Joy
Kai Lennox ...Brendan


When a young rock band's van breaks down in the middle of nowhere, they become unwilling guests of the quirky townsfolk of Hereabouts, Alabama. It's sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll and a finger-eating alligator. The Deep South was never this strange!

For those unable to see STALLED on DVD here are some screen captures to keep you happy.

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The very funny woman who played my wife/cousin (Christine Deaver) is actually a dear old friend who had her role before I had mine. When our director, Stefan Haves, asked her who she would like to have play her husband, she was gracious to bring my name up. I had met Stefan before, and after reading for the producers and him, it was a done deal, and off we went to New Orleans, Louisiana to film.


Doug Jones on STALLED,
Los Angeles, July 2004

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