Here you will find various webisodes that Dougie has been involved in, often with friends and colleagues in the business.

Why not click on the videos and join in the fun?!?!?!


The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour ~ Episode XI 'DEATHBED'(2012)
Director: Sean Becker
'Grim Reaper'

Reasearch (2012)
Director: Adam Hall

Fallout: Nuka Break (2011)
Director: Vincent Talenti
'Mayor Connors'

The Guild Season 5 (2011)
Director: Sean Becker

Dragon Age ~ Redemption (2011)
Director: Peter Winther

Medallion Mondays (2010)
Director: Scott Allen Perry
'Actor Doug Jones'

Hey Bro ~ Episode #2 (2009)
Director: Scott Allen Perry

THE DANGER ELEMENT (2009 ~ 2011)
'Doctor Trevor Elymas'
Director: John Soares

Universal Dead (2010)
Director: Vernon Mortensen

Angel of Death (2009)
Director: Paul Etheredge
'Dr. Rankin'

Retarded Policeman (2008)
('Retarded Policeman Theme - Special Edition')
Director: Scott Allen Perry

Sockbaby (2008)
('Sockbaby 4')
Directors: John Soares and Douglas TenNapel

Retarded Policeman (2008)
('Hellboy II Mime')
Director: Scott Allen Perry

Nora Breaks Free (2008)
('The Babysitter from Hell', Episode #1:2)
Director: Gabriel Renfro
'Yoga Instructor'


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