Director: Peyton Reed

Al Yankovic ...Weird Al

Doug Jones ... Contortionist



Mining Accident
Episode #3602
First Aired: 27th September, 1997

Al is trying to make a song about cheese, when some miners crash through a wall in his living room. Al believes that the miners are very rude, and they begin to fight and shout at each other. The Hooded Avenger tells Al to quit fighting, and they do quit by watching some TV.

The TIme Machine
Episode #3609
First Aired: 11th October, 1997

Weird Al turns his clock radio into a time machine, which comes in handy when he re alizes he's forgotten Harvey the Wonder Hamster's birthday. And on Al TV the exercise show features an instructor who forgot to warm up ...

Al Plays Hooky
Episode #3611
First Aired: 8th November, 1997

Al has a ton of chores to do around the cave, so he asks Cousin Corky to help with some. Corky has to get to an art convention soon. In Al's mailbag, he finds a travel brochure about going to Hawaii. Al goes, without even telling Corky. Now, Corky has to fill in for Al, and miss the art convention.

The Competition
Episode #3608
First Aired: 22nd November, 1997

Al gets nominated for best TV show host award. He is very happy about this. He turns on his TV to the Uncle Ralphie Show. Uncle Ralphie has also been nominated, and he thinks he will win. Al calls him on the phone and says that there are a bunch of other TV show hosts out there that have a good chance of winning, too. Uncle Ralphie says "What like that loser, Weird Al?". Al claims he is not a loser, and there is now a war between Al and Uncle Ralphie.

The Obligatory Holiday Episode
Episode #3613
First Aired: 29th November, 1997

Al is having a holiday party for any holiday. The problem is that everyone is in a bad mood because Al won't listen to anything that anyone is saying.

Sincerest thanks to Elizabeth for the screen captures.


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